People’s livelihood is around the side: the provident fund differently loan people do not need to return

  ■ Our reporter Chen Jinlu newspaper correspondent Wang Lizhong on December 3, the public Li Jiatong came to the housing provident fund window of the Gaotang County Administrative Service Hall, and sent a staff to the staff to write the province’s high efficiency, convenient and fast service. The banner, thanks to the window staff to quickly and efficiently serve in the processing of the housing provident fund.

  Half a year ago, Li Jiatong was transferred to Gaotang County in Zibo due to work.

A few days ago, Li Tong was preparing to purchase a housing in Gaotang County, requiring provident fund loans. Due to the reasons for the work of Li Tongtong, the Zibo City Housing Provident Fund Management Center is required to provide deposits and deposits and the provident gold deposit water. Li Jiatong is currently working and living in Tang Tang, and there is something inconvenient to handle business in Zibo.

After understanding the situation, the window staff actively contacts the Liaocheng Housing Provident Fund Management Center and Zibo City Housing Provident Fund Management Center.

The relevant materials will be uploaded by the province of the province through the housing provident fund, and in time, the staff will contact the other province of the province to let the other person pass by mail to the customer’s deposit usage and payment of flow. Ministry, avoid running more than one way to run. The person in charge of the Gaotang Housing Provident Fund Management, said it will be in the opportunity to handle this matter, comprehensively combine the province’s universities and cross-provincial general processes, and further deepen the reform of the equipment, and focus on solving the block points of the masses. Question, realize that the enterprise and the masses are doing things, online doing, ongoing, and average, providing more quality and efficient services to enterprises and people.