The 8th Sea Forum provides a full range of services in the six platforms in Changsha

Salon Round 5 guests are exchanged. The report of the report is a map of the people’s online Changsha on October 17 (Reporter Lin Luo) Today, with the 8th Naid Forum on the theme of "Hajao Xiangjiang, the future" theme opened in Changsha, attracting more than 150 sea people. Participate in (50 of which doctors).

In the 2 day, I will launch an open-minded Hunan Haiqiu, the development of young people, and the warm heart companion, the returneetry negotiation, the entrepreneurial startup support plan project selection contest, and the innovation and entrepreneur exhibition.

It is understood that the Hunan Provincial Committee has taken successfully to successfully hold the seventh "sea return forum", which promotes the establishment of Hunan Province’s study abroad to return to China and the establishment of Hunan Development Overseas Advisory Group in Hunan Province, and promoting Changsha officially approved country overseas Talent offshore innovation entrepreneurship base, nearly 150 Hunan invested or landed in Hunan, through the docking of more than 100 projects, promoting 26 returnees projects in Hunan. At present, the Sea Forum has been included in the work brand to the central government, and the brand effect has been highly prominent.

"China’s Murch Party as a participation in the participating party, and has always adhered to the" Qiao Guo "concept, and maximize the unite of the majority of students.

I hope that the Hunan Provincial Party Committee will continue to do a good value of the "Harbor" to do a good job in the ‘Overseas’.

Yan Xiaoyi, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Yan Xiaopi, Vice-Chair, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, said in the opening ceremony: I hope that the majority of returning students will integrate the love of patriotism, strong country, and report to the country’s important strategic deployment. Constantly playing the advantages of studying abroad, the eighth session of the 8th Sea Forum combines the current epidemic prevention and control form, the organizer’s innovation process mode, on the basis of the full integration line, building sea returning talent for Hunan "Three High Four New" Strategic Reason Primary Procurement Platform, Hunan New Situation Introduction Platform, Sea Gui Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform, Sea Cohesion Consensus Platform, etc., provides more convenient and efficient docking channels for employers and overseas talents. Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Vice Chairman, Zhigong Provincial Commission, Hu Xu, said: "We hope that through careful top design, with six platforms to seek all-in-order, all-round cooperation, realize the service of the sea does not fight, online lead Stop, continue to create a never-ending sea forum. "Hunan is a place full of innovative entrepreneurial vitality. Hunan Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government will be more solid work with more open ideas, more favorable initiatives, for the development of all kinds of talents, including customers, in Hunan Provide a better service and better system guarantee, so that Hunan has become a talent of outstanding talents at home and abroad, achieving ideal preferred. "The Ministry of Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Organization of the Provincial Party Committee expects to use the" Sea Guo Forum "platform role, better unity and contribute to the students to build a modern new Hunan contribute. Forum, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Hunan Business University Chen Xiaohong, the Party Committee, Chen Xiaohong, Professor Jiang Diji, the Professor of Nanjing University Business School, Hunan Provincial Industry and Commerce Vice Chairman, President, President, President, President, is aiming on how to build a new high place in Hunan in the background of the two cycle. Hunan Provincial People’s Government Participate Xu Xiangping , The deputy director of the Science and Technology and Intellectual Property Committee of the Communist Party Committee, Professor Changsha University of Technology, Bao Jia Chuan Kun, the deputy director of the Ministry of the Provincial Party Committee, the Deputy Director of the Overseas Work Committee of the Communist Party, China Electric Construction Central and South Survey and Design Institute is 5 The guests gave them some views, ideas and suggestions in the Salon Trade Zone and the opening of the inland. (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing Let more people see the client download.