Shenyang police reminded: financial fraud often hides "four big fakes"

Original title: Shenyang police reminded financial fraud to hide "four big fake" on December 10, Shenyang Public Security anti-telecom network criminal investigation control center released reminder: the State Council approved a total of 9, 4 securities, 4 futures , 1 precious metal, can be assured to trade. Other all of the unregarding platform, not gambling with customers, is a black platform, or analog trading system, the investor’s money has not entered the trading platform, so hurry to tell friends, except these platforms, Don’t touch other trading products and platforms. So, are you regular? The formal national exchange only includes this 9, 9 regular national exchanges include: Shenzhen Stock Exchange, type is stock trading; Shanghai Stock Exchange, type is stock trading; National SMEs Shares Transfer System, Type Stock platform, new three boards; China Financial Futures Exchange, type is financial futures; Shanghai Futures Exchange, type is commodity futures trading; Dalian Commodity Exchange, type is commodity futures trading; Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange The Shanghai Gold Exchange, type is a gold transaction; the Beijing stock exchange, type is stock trading. The police suggested that the liar is rampant, and it is possible to be cheated for a few years.

Especially in the investment market, everyone wants to make money, but I don’t know more about the scammers of these people. It is recommended that all kinds of transactions such as precious metals, securities, futures can only be carried out in these nine exchanges.

Futures Exchange cannot trader crude oil engaged in crude oil, spot crude oil trading platform requires the Ministry of Commerce to batch, but the Ministry of Commerce has never approved any trading platform engaged in crude oil and refined oil transactions.

According to the relevant information of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, there are currently only 4 futures exchanges in my country, which are Shanghai Futures Exchange, Zhengzhou Futures Exchange, Dalian Futures Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange, and the main business of these exchanges is not "Crude oil". According to the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the current illegal futures activities mainly have the following three types of expressions: 1. Illegal organization futures trading.

Illegal futures trading places usually use popular investment products such as spot silver and large-scale stocks to be a bait for the public.

2. Illegal business futures business.

Unlimited futures companies and other futures operating institutions have not been established without approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

3. Use futures to illegally invade others assets. If the criminals are named by Valet wealth management, futures funding, etc. Human money. At the same time, the website emphasizes that illegal futures trading is also unreasonable, and the principal offered is extremely difficult to recover.

Recognizing a few binary option website platforms on the truth of the micro-transaction, binary options, etc., these platforms have "simple trading simple, convenient, return", etc. Wait.

It is understood that the model of these network platform transactions is evolved from the overseas gaming industry, and its trading objects are the price trend of foreign exchange and stocks in the future, and the transactions are the network platform and investors, transaction prices and income. It is essential to create a risk for investors to speculate, do not have the function of avoiding price risks, service entity economy, with the options and financial derivatives of the SFC supervision, and its trading behavior is similar to gambling. WeChat is currently being comprehensively blocked, binary options, fried foreign exchange, London Gold, Fake Index, and stock distribution. Financial fraud has the following "four big fake" Zhang Guan Li Dai’s false trust either join the trust in the company name to mislead investors; or the name of the trust company releases false products.

In fact, there are only 68 trust companies in the country, and the products launched by the regular trust company can be found through the official website or customer service hotline in the trust company, and the trust is millions. The fake private bank is lying, and the origin of the private bank license is being bought, and the original stock or absorb deposits in the name of the fictional private bank.

As of June 2020, 19 private banks have opened their operations in the country. False Fund Design false fund sites, then post the advertising information in the network, promise high return, and finally run.

When investors buy funds online, they must go to the fund company official website, bank official website and a formal third-party fund sales company. The fake brokerage uses falsehood to pretend to have a domestic well-known securities company to open a fishing website, with "insider news" "Acting stock" "stock software" "package earned non-compensation" materials. The stock will open to the regular broker institutions business hall or official website.

Those so-called "stocks" is the market that is a little red, hit the inside information banner, "Master" "Master" "the" shares "on WeChat, the" stocks "" "shares".

Not long ago, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a risk warning says that the recent Securities and Regulatory Commission discovered that the activities of WeChat shares in the market were growing, and the impact also became larger. Such as claimed to "× × investment", through WeChat friends circle released information during the morning and noon, in the morning, announced that it is planned to be raised, and the investor will pay a certain fee to the agency, and can pass WeChat or call in advance. I know the information of the sale of the stock. The cost of investors pays from 15800 yuan to 58800 yuan.

Scams generally get recommended 10 stocks from the website of legitimate securities consulting companies, then they call 1,000 people, and recommend a stock every 100 people, then according to the probability of rising, there are 500 people to get. The recommended shares will rise; the next day they gave this 500 people who rose yesterday, they still recommend an stock every 50 people, or the stock of about 250 people is rising according to the probability; the third day They gave this 250 people to this day. In this kind of push, fraud companies will definitely not charge, but if the stocks continue to receive the stocks recommended by the three or four times, who will be uncomfortable? When the stock takes the initiative to call them, it is the beginning of being deceived.

Regular investment advisory agencies must have this certificate of investors to cooperate with professional institutions. They must find a regular securities investment consultant company to cooperate. The so-called regular securities investment advisory agency has only one standard, that is, it has the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Securities Investment Consulting Service Qualification Certificate The full list can be found in the China Securities Regulatory Commission website and the China Securities Industry Association website.

Ask the public to remember, and cooperate with the securities investment advisory agency, first to this certificate, if there is no certificate, this institution itself is illegal. (Editor: Filial Piety, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.