Tianjin Dongjiang: "Good Law Good Governance" escort industry development and rule of law

In recent years, Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area has surrounded the state, Tianjin business environment evaluation index system, for the lack of technical and innovation as the soul, to solve the problem, to create a marketization, the rule of law First-class business environment of chemical, international and convenientization.

From this year from January to May, in the initiative of various optimized business environment, the rule of control is highlighted.

Dare to try, trial innovation of the leading industry to develop the intellectual property finance rental rental new financing model of Dongwan to obtain high concern from all walks of life, but the legal practice of intangible asset finance leasing standards is a legal practice of this industrial innovation The real problem of development. In order to solve this problem, the Division of the Division of the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area and the Judicial Department will jointly explore, the lead in the pilot of the Binhai New District based on the trademark, patent, copyright intangible asset financing rental business, build a multi-party communication platform of the government, enterprise, and judicial organs. Accumulate the supervision experience of relevant business compliance; Joint Dongjiang Financing Leasing Center Tribunal conducts special research on intangible asset financing leases, creative proposes invisible asset finance leasing trial guidance, providing theoretical guidance for judicial referee. On March 24th, Dongjiang Rental Tribunal was pronounced in Tianjin’s first case of intangible asset finance lease contract disputes, and the multi-sector of the Dongjiang Bonded Port Region and the Court and the Court of Extended Phase Decision. In addition to the form of judgments, it is necessary to promote the transformation and upgrading of financing rental industries to provide strong legal support and adequate innovation, and once again provide innovative demonstration case models for the overall development of the national rental industry.

Multiple governance, maintenance of judicial, law-abiding, the rule of law, the rule of law on May 8, the Dongjiang Bonded Port Region Management Committee and the New District Court officially signed the unveiled center of Dongjiang diversified disputes, based on Dongjiang Industrial Characteristic Setup Mediation, arbitration, notarization, and litigation, the first batch of five legal service professional institutions and corresponding commercial "media" have been stationed or employed, and it will provide "all the way" legal and commercial services, international arbitration , Notarization and smart survival, financial field mediation and arbitration and other one-stop high-quality professional legal services featuring financing leases, providing multi-dispute resolution for enterprises, and is expected to deliver 40% for court cases.

At the end of May, the Ministry of Division of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Dongjiang Bonded Hong Kong District, the main trade union organized the "Migrant Workers Wage Payment Guarantee" training meeting, inviting all from the construction of the project to participate in the project, focusing on the principle, focusing on Enterprises In implementing the common misunderstandings in labor security laws and regulations such as Labor Contract Law and other labor security laws and regulations such as labor security laws and regulations, further clarifying the statutory obligations of various types of construction, construction or labor subcontracting in protecting the salary of migrant workers. Responsibility, standardize the legal use of enterprises, and provide a practical rule of law for migrant workers no longer "discuneration". Improve the system, leading Dongjiang Yinghang Environment "better solution" rule of law Process May 10 Environmental first-class indicators and government environment, market environment, rule of law environment, human environment 4 dimensions, proposing 28 key tasks in Dongjiang 2021, 121 specific reform measures, and focus on the annual business environment optimization core target To do practical things for the enterprise, providing new movements for Dongjiang emerging industries, and focusing on building a full life cycle service chain. " The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Dongjiang Bondang District said that the next step, Dongjiang will continue to adhere to the "rule of law, is the best business environment" this business environmental construction concept, build "judicial justice, system improvement, market system is perfect The government environmental system of government functional structure is superior and organizational security mechanism, and inserted the "Rule of Law" wings for Dongjiang high quality development. (Editor: Sun Yifan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.