People’s Net Assessment: The highest gift is pay tribute to the "July One Medal"!

On June 29, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party was held in the "July Medal", held in the Great Hall of the People, and General Secretary Xi Jinping was awarded the medal and published an important speech. A communist party member who gave the highest honor within the party to the party and the people, this is a tribute to the party members of the merits, but also the praise of the meritorious party members! Immortal work, engraved in a hundred years of struggle; lofty spirit, shining the apprenticeship of the Communists.

The "July 1 Medal" awarded by the first time, awarded 29 Communist Party members. There is a wait-of-the-job Mao Maojie, and there is a battle for the Well-winning veteran Wang Zhanshan. There is a "contemporary fool", the "contemporary", the "contemporary fool", and a good people who have a dream of the country girl. Zhang Guimei … These merits Party members With your own struggle and stick, vividly show the noble quality and lofty spirit of the Communists. On the 100th anniversary of our party, the "July Medal" selection is awarded, and the meaning is significant and the impact is far-reaching. General Secretary Xi Jinping, "Three Years of our party, is a hundred years of practicing the initial mission, is a hundred years of rumor, and is a hundred years of creating brilliant development." For a hundred years, A generation of China’s Communist Party, in order to win the independence of the nation and the liberation of the people, realize the national rich and the people’s happiness, the former servants, the blood, the hard work, selfless dedication, and write the hero song of the mountains. The "July One Medal" winner commended is an outstanding representative of party members of each front. Recognizing the people of the merits, both for the worship of countless communists, paying and sacrifice, and is also a deep review of the history of the hundred years, but also the spirit of opening the new journey and sail again. Pay tribute to the party members, to learn their spirit.

In the speech at the "July 1 Medal", General Secretary Xi Jinping summarizes the noble quality and lofty spirit of the Chinese Communists with "firm belief, practice purposes, hard work, honest and honest". A clear requirement is made.

"Take the belief in Marxism, the belief of socialism with socialism" Keep ‘Dare to Teach the Sun Moon to change the high-spirited strong fight, bury the head, attack the hard "" Ming Dafa, guarding the master, strict private virtues, clear white and white, clean and clean "… each party member All must learn to learn, keep in mind the nature of the party, keep in mind the party’s initial mission, consciously practice noble quality, vigorously promote the spirit of lofty spirit, we can keep the party’s advanced nature, purity, let our party have always become a pioneer , National spine. Pay tribute to the party members, but also create our performance.

Nowadays, the new journey of socialism is now open, and the goal of the second hundred years of struggle, we need our party group to lead the hundreds of millions of people to struggle, always struggle, and call all the party members in their positions, and create brilliant.

The "July One Medal" won is from the people, the root of the people is the ordinary hero based on their own, silently dedication.

Their deeds can learn, their spirit can be chased. They use action prove, as long as they are unified, firm struggle, firmness, and firmness, it can be seen in the case, and the critical moment is standing, and the crisis is open, and each party member can be the party and People’s work industry.

"Pay the most shining star!" "The power of struggle is from such an example!"

"There are countless netizens pass the respected servant, and the era of praise the hero. The new era is a hero and must be able to produce a hero.

With the role model of meritorious party members, the Communists in the new era will create innocent people, innocent people, innocent performance.

(Editor: Yan Shuai, Fu Long) Sharing let more people see.