Yu Ren: International education should serve education teaching reform and regional development strategy

  Xinhuanet Beijing On December 7 Recently, the 12th Xinhua Net Education Forum was held in Beijing.

"Educational Non-Undertaking Bureau Enlightenment" is the theme of the International Education Sub-forum of this Assembly. This International Education Sub-200 Invited experts and scholars and principals in the field of education to discuss how to cultivate high-quality international talents facing future, under the era of digitalization International education opportunities and challenges.

  On the discussion, Yu Ren, deputy secretary-general of the China Education International Exchange Association, said in the theme speech, during the epidemic, China has launched a "unprecedented example" and unprecedented examples. Many countries are influenced by factors such as infrastructure, and the level of teachers’ compensation falls behind China.

  The remaining roots said that the impact of the epidemic on international education still exists.

According to the monitoring data of UNESCO official website, as of November 30, there are still nine countries in the world to resume normal teaching, which probably affects more than 38 million students.

Recently, a report released by the US International Education Association showed that the number of people studying in the United States in 2020 and 2021 fell by 15% compared to the previous year, which has a large decline in the first time in 1960.

According to the report released in June 2021, 86% of the US university plans to provide online + line mixed teaching mode in the autumn of the 2021. With the rise of vaccination rates, international education is also recovering.

  Yuanggen believes that international education should serve education and teaching reform, especially to serve "double-first-class" construction, "double high plan" construction, international and domestic quality resources must be useful to make each other. Talking about the exchange of civil education in the epidemic, the remaining roots introduced that the exchange of private education has undergone a lot of changes. The China Education International Exchange Association was established in 1981 and served at all levels at all levels in the 40-year development process. After the epidemic, the exchange association passed innovative communication mode, using the internationalized means and methods to get more students to receive international education concept. It turns out that only 100 students can participate in the exchange project. Now 1000 students can pass online at the same time. The way is communicated. In October This year, the Minister of Education, Huaijin, in the 22nd China International Education Annual Meeting, I sent three initiatives for international education: First, I insisted on winning a common life, deepening education cooperation; Second, adhere to innovation and creation, leading the business Development; the third is to persist in mutual learning, and promote the communication between the people. Yu Guogen said that "Minister’s speech released confidence in China’s education to expand communication cooperation in the world. In the past two years, a keyword in the education community in the world is ‘toughness’.

"In the eyes of the rest, education international exchange cooperation is mainly to serve the overall foreign diplomatic strategy, serving the education reform and development, serving the national major regional development strategy.

In terms of education reform, the remaining "double-first-class" construction, new liberal arts, new business, new medical department, new aboils, the construction of new abroad, and the construction of new abroad are all focused on different levels of international education. Task.

In terms of regional development strategy, international education can be aimed at Hainan Free Trade Test Area, Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau, Yangtze River Bay, Xiongan New District, etc., to help social and economic development.

  Finally, the remaining roots said that in the "14th Five-Year Plan", a key job of education is high quality development.

In the work of international education, we must develop the quality of education and teaching from the development of high quality, high-level development, through education and service certification.