Taiwan Media: The National Party is not partitioning "REA" nomination homework will start

According to Taiwan’s "United Daily" report, the Kuomintang is not divided into the "Relief Committee" nomination operation will start, the Central Party Group will put the non-dispatched "Treasury" nomination method, the main points and timentades, official delivery Through, expand the nomination operation; The Kuomintang Central Party Department will receive the recommended non-part list from the 28th, send the central nomination team and the central nomination audit committee to verify the list of recommendations, November 13 will send the regular list, and on November 16th Central Committee meeting exercise agreed. The right is completed nominated.

Currently, it is determined that the list of non-dispatched, the man group, and Wu Dunyi determines that it will enter the unscrupulous safety list, the rank may be in seven, nine, eleven.

The Kuomintang "Ritting School" party group chief called Zeng Mingzong to determine the nomination and continued to serve, and the entire farmland Water Conservancy president Lin Wenrui is integrated by the regional "Treasury", and it is easy to discharge.

The rumor strives for the active Vice-Chair, Zhou Xi, Zhou Xi, Zhou Xi, Tainan City, the top of the Taipei County, the head of the Tainan City, and the "Treasury Committee", the "Relief Committee", etc., there is still variables.

Part of the women’s team, the preamble of the front police, Ye Yalan got to be active, another possibility, it is said to be a female Taiwanese businessman with a double identity of Taiwanese and new institecions.

The current no partition "Tong Yizhen, China Standing Committee Zhang Yimei and so on also actively. Whether the leaders of the Kuomintang Taiwan area will also recommend the list of suggestions, and the Han Yixian Yaxiongong and the grassroots areas. Local Women’s Miss Ling Yu Ling wants to help from Han to help the top of the "Trendy Committee" Weng Wei is inseparable, but Han Too sensitive, not well, low-key has not responded.

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