then,When Yin Cheng looked at the eyes,Is it not?。

“Since you are,It has been completely settled to do this.。”
“Then this,How to do it in the end,you all,Look at it yourself!”
When Yin Cec said it,This,It is a very excited that people around those people around them.。
After all, this is now,I plan to start starting from what.。
At this moment,These people’s hearts,It’s even more jumper.。
After all, I will follow it.,I plan to do it from what is going on.。
In fact, for them,at this point,It is not a little thing itself.。
at this time,Situ is very interested。
“did not expect,Shen Xuan’s speed is so fast。”
“As for those of these Yinjia,I will give us.!”
When Situ is here,Those people around this time,It’s brushing to look at this side.。
After all, I will follow it.,at this point,It is also a place that they must need to completely pay。
but now,I have already said that my idea should be said.。
So this kind of thing,No matter what is started。 at this point,All start now,Things you must do。
At this moment,Surroundings,It’s vowed to say。
“Leader,You just don’t worry.,People who deal with these Yinjia,We,It’s even more。”
“Be right,Our constant training this time,Isn’t it for today??”
“all in all,Now,Let these Yin’s people know,What will be sin??”
When those people around,I looked at my eyes.。
obviously,For this point,What kind of way you plan to use next?。
actually,For the Situ Yingying in front of you,Such problem,How to do it?。
In fact, in his heart,For the current,It is very obvious that it is very obvious.。
As for these,It is also a good feeling that the Divas Ying it is.。
“Since this,So next words,I feel,Let’s everyone,Can start working in this direction。”
“if not,Really strictly,In fact, such a thing,Reverse is quite passive!”、
When Situal Ying looked at him,For something such,How to do it?。
In fact, other problems,It’s not that I don’t think it’s,What will I say?。
So,Even before the eyes,Such a thing,How do you need it?。
In fact, in Situ Ying looks,These things itself,It is nothing wrong with it.。