Liu Taozhi sighed,Probably I think he is“forerunner”To die on the beach。

This is really difficult to pick up this,Gao Baoyi helpless:“Liu Gong is a heart,How can I say it??”
“Useful still useless,How is it in His Majesty?。
Your Majesty thinks you useless,Then you are useless。I feel useful,Then you are useful。
The old slave said to break the sky.,It is just a hand。And Xiangyang Wang is the master of the commander,Naturally, it is not a person such as the old slave.。”
Ha ha,You are bad for your old man.,I believe you blame。
“Been taught a lesson。”
Gao Baoyi respects,Hehe, hehe, huh, huh.。
There are many high-powered people in northless to die in the history.,Only this Liu Taozhi quietly hidden in the folk,History books have no records。
Speaking of the intuition of survival,Gao Bao felt that he took the horse and didn’t overload Liu Taozhi.。
The two do not speak on all the way,After coming to the Tianping Temple,Liu Taozhi stayed outside the temple,Gao Bao Yi people entered the door alone。
Yingling is the mausoleum of Northern Wudi Gao Huan,Located in the northwest of Ankanshan, Linyi County, Hebei Province,That is。
Later, Gao Cheng’s tomb is also here.,It is two hills that are close to.。
Shi Book,Gao Huan’s eldest son is a tomb of the top of the Dove of Ankhan Grottoes for his father.,Hold the joy of Gao Huan,Slug into the hole,And kill all of the craftsmen。
At this moment,Gao Changgon stood in more than ten feet high,Oscillate。
If Gao Cheng is dead,Now it is definitely the emperor,He is also the emperor,How many fate will be different?。
It’s just that it is a blessing.,I don’t really say it.。He also looked with so many years.。 Seeing a storm in Yucheng in front of you,How can he calm down??
“You are…Springs around Xiangyang?”
Dear soldiers, someone is looking for yourself,Brought to front,Gao Chang, found that this person is actually the personal guard side by Gao Biyi.。
“Silang,My business is talking about it.。Recently do not,Everything is careful。”
Gao Changgong wants to refuse,After all, he is also martial arts.,How to also need someone else to guard him?
I didn’t expect the guy who was so thin as a bamboo pole.:“Fuyang king is countless,Being able to serve as a guard,Naturally, there are some things,Silang can pick a few good hands to try the hand。”
NS374chapter Not as good as going home to wash
Gao Bao dares to swear,He didn’t encounter a woman like Cui widow in this life.。 Some thin body shape,But I don’t want to hang.,Very woman taste,Especially the willus,It is feeling that it will be broken at any time.。
But Gao Bao has seen a lot of beauty.,Gao Yu is a rare beauty,Facial features,Unrestrained overbearing。Comparison,Cui Wei’s appearance is not so prominent。
only,This sister has been low,Hand put on the leg,Slightly shaking,The whole body is tight like a bow.。
Seeing that she is nervous to collapse,Gao Biyi has a kind of quirky feel,It seems that you are forteringxBig devil。
“Uh,Your sleeves hide,What should I do if I hurt myself?,Give it first.。”
Gao Bao said that he said weakly.。
Neck,Your widow is not heard of men.,What is it in nervous?,Do you think that your sleeves hide a knife, I don’t know?
Cui is like a ghost, lifting his head and looking at Gao Baoyi.,Her eyes are very,With fear and not sweet,Finally sigh,Throw the knife in the right sleeve to the ground。
“You hide several needles in your hair.,I’m lost.。I said that it is…Um,cousin。”
Cui Wei does not move,Just low heads。
Gao Bao is sighing,Walk through the other party’s hairpin,Inside, I hide one iron needle.。