Han peasant,Going to the old man,Ask:“Old man,How about it,I am not qualified?”

The old man is not full of harsh,But can’t violate the regulations,Nod:“Calculate。”
After that, after I asked the name.,Let the people have entered the Fall Feng Mountain with the man.。
Someone http://www.lpfamily.cn succeeded,The horses in the crowd come up.。
Ding Ding has been over,I want to drive a lot more.,So start queuing to make old man test age。
Jossom half a day,Someone is super older,Someone moved,There are only a few people in success.。
It’s good to be the first day.,For the first time, there is three days of time。
Han Jiang naturally wants to make fun of,By the way, look at the top of this world bubble.,I can’t see it here.,But you can also see a two from your young people.。
Moreover, the human useful way to use it is very mysterious.,Fuhua said fine,But it is impossible to talk about it to Hanjiang.。
When I was in Hanjiang,Han Jiang put his arm on the table。
The old man is a wrist in Hanjiang,Anxious a breath from the old man,Want to enter Hanjiang body。
Han Jiang immediately shocked a breath of the old man,What is joking?,Not the property, the collapse can be absorbed。
Have a breath by Hanjiang,Old man,The turbid eyes are emitted in the eyes。
“Little friend,Please do not destroy the rules。”The other hand of the old man,“Xiao Jia is a famous Zhongyuan,Do you rest assured??”
Han Jiang thought about it,This old man is strongerAStrength of the head,Each other can you enter your own body?,So let go of defense。
The old man in the old man enters the Hanjiang body,Unknown channel,Abdominal exploration to Hanjiang,Subsequent disappearance。
Passage through the Hanjiang body,The abdomen is the location of the gas sea。
As for the old man, why can you judge the age of Hanjiang through the other?,But usage is right,Judgment accurate。
“Corgain,Next test。”
Chapter 58 Giant
“This son,Here。”窈窕 窈窕 女。
Han Jiang went to the http://www.headcq.cn area of Ding Ding,I frowning the stone under the foot。
In front of those people,Either like the first killing of the pigs,Either move a little bit。
Five or six hundred pounds,The ground can be not so hard,Crushed dust is covered。
Han Rong walked over the past, there was a whisper shouted in the crowd.。
A dress,The fat man in the abdomen is immediately smiled.,Shout:“Buy and leave your hand.。”
This similar small plate has already had a seven eight,Those people who come are to watch the lively.,I have been thinking about someone in the crowd. I can’t move a person.。
All kinds of bet,Throughout the north and south of Ding,Can you raise it?,How long does it take?。
There is also a pattern of swaps.,Hit,Still,Or is it。
This amount of this bet is not playing,Map of meaning。
Han Jiang http://www.planetflower.cn also heard someone shouted with a head to move Ding Ding,Can’t help but laugh,Who is crazy, use a badge to hit this Ding。
Han Rong walked in the big Ding to touch the Ding Ding of the ground,I feel that this is the most and the oath of Judah.,Should be able to lift。
He first wrapped around a circle.,Looking at a suitable place where the ground is already in the ground.,Hold the Dingyou in one hand and catch the feet。
“The rack is still good,Can you still lose or something?,Some people think of the limelight,Not afraid of being shameful。”