As for the opponent’s strength?

That is53Grade,I’m afraid he can’t even beat the Green Bull,Not to mention him now?
Master Swordsmanship(Pseudo):32/1000000
He has broken through to the level60level,My hard power has almost doubled,As for that carrying“Pseudo”Master Swordsmanship,It’s because he hasn’t understood the realm of Zhantie,So there is no real master level。
Leo just left Boken’s forefoot,The chief officer of the branch, Colonel Stern, was notified on the hind foot to see him。
Leo can only go to see Sien honestly。
“Boken has found you, right?You rejected him?”
Leo nodded,He doesn’t think he can hide。
“Your choice is right,That guy eats people without spitting out bones!”Stern smiled。
Leo did not say,Boken is not a good person,Are you a good person?
“Before talking,I want to ask you first,What are your expectations for the future?Become the supreme officer of a branch?”
Leo shook his head:“I am still young,Don’t want to be bound,I want to enter the navy headquarters to get better training,Then become a strong man across the sea!”
“The strong man across the sea!”Stern smiled and shook his head。“When I was young, didn’t I join the navy with this purpose??It’s a pity that the facts make me understand,That’s my limit!”
Leo didn’t speak,Waiting for the following。
“You are different from me,My talent is average,But your talent is very good,You have a chance to be a strong man on the sea!”Stern laughed。“Since your purpose is the navy headquarters,Then I don’t have to guard you!”
“Yes,This is just my springboard!”
Stern nodded:“Then I will tell you frankly,Want to enter the navy headquarters,These credits are not enough!”