Yes, it is dead,Look at Alistan has to seize the best time。 “boom!”
Xilin,A spell bombards the energy to Walter。
Walt Lima sets a barrier,Stop barrier,A huge sound,Explosion outside。
The whole world began to become light,Obviously, it has born in the evening.。
Building begins to distort,Do not collapse,Sunlight has become colorful。
next moment,Xilin shouted his head:“Damn traitor,What did you do again??”
“Xilin!?”Secilia worried about it.,“what happened to you?”
“Be awkward!”
It’s like glass crushing,This dream is a little cleared.,A mouth。
“Go away,Mrs. Selia!”
“Now,The second law cannot concentrate on the spirit,Hurry away here。”
“good!”Seliia and Qi Yana dragged the seriously injured Qi Guan to the mouth.,Cesecia asked:“Don’t you go with us??”
Valt nodded,“I have unfinished things here.,Can’t walk with you。”
“Be sure to pay!”Secilia blessed,Walking with my husband and daughter to the mouth。
This is the unknone of Qi Gay struggled.,I just heard Valter’s voice just now.,Slightly open your eyes back,Weakness:“call……I didn’t expect to see you here.,Walter。”
“That’s great……”
Cracks of gravity compression space in Walter,Head is not going back:“Goodbye,Qigger。”
At the same time, I said that Xilin, who is going to recover.:“Second law,Let us continue to complete the battle that is not completed in the moon。”
Xilin’s teeth of Valter,This traitor,This human antity,It has already brought yourself too much pain.。
“Qigger!?”The de Lisa that has been coming has been transferred to the distance from the distance to the distance.。
Qi Gay is consciously touched his belly,Thoroughly,I found that my belly has no wound.,Alert,Ask:“De Lisa,How did you come?”
De Lisa did not answer,Looked a long time, a sober, Seclia and Qiana said:“Very good,You are fine, you have nothing.。”
“Han Jiang!?”Qi Yana saw the resolution of Baira,When I first stepped on a step, the Han Jiang, who came to the rain, was called a sound.。
To know,Inside the dream of the second law,Although Qi Yana lived his dreams,But I have always been regarded as my own sister.。
This can have a lot of pressure,Ok, you can spoiler with your mother.,So I have no stuffing。
Alajouri is still in front of Xilin at this time.,Suffer a pseudo“Moonlight throne main gun”One-click,Xilin Net but no injury,Also inspired her instinct protection capabilities。
A large number of collapses can gather around Xilin,Forming a layer barrier,Protecting the body of Xilin。