Hanjiang hands smashed in the trouser leg,Results The meal box said thank you.。

“Not hot,Open you can eat,I’m going back,Teacher Ji will be embarrassed。”
Throwing the dining box buds and slipped back。
Hanjiang puts down the lunch box,Looking for a place to sit,I haven’t opened the lunch box again.。
“This big http://www.leshengwenhua.cn half night,Don’t take a break, I will run, what are you doing??”
Qi Yana snorted,“I can not sleep,Do you want to turn it??”
“Can,Can。”Said that Hanjiang puts the lunch box one side,Asked:“Don’t rest,What should I do tomorrow??”
Qi Yana neck a stalk,Hold together,“I said that I am casually.,I don’t know how to get here.。”
“that,Are you OK?So the fierce of Ji Auntie?”Qi Yana asked slightly。
Hanjiang patted his face:“Honored,Not tight,Besides, are you not often fierce?,What can I have?。”
Qi Yana twisted the body,Touching your head is difficult:“I am different from this.,I made a mistake.,You have no obvious mistakes。”
“It’s fine,Think so much?,The teacher of Ji was originally for me.,This is still clear。”
“Uh-huh,Then you have nothing to do.。”Qi Yana stood up and patted the soave on the ass,Ready to http://www.szyfxr.cn leave。
Han Jiang smiled:“Still not to come to see me?”
No half a sentence,Qi Yada did not ran back。
Next, Hanjiang has eaten the nightingale of the buds.,Continue to work,Tent is well,Floor,Ready to sleep。
Can be lying down in Hanjiang,More than one person around me。
“What are you doing here??”
Bud Joy and Qiana are concerned about Hanjiang,What is the side of Hua??
“Take me with me。”
Waice Han Jiang refused,Fuhua pulled her out of the tent。
“What do you do??”Han Jiang quickly said:“There are so many people in the camp,Teacher Ji let us run,What should I do??”
Han Jiang also thought that how to let Yan Hua,Ji is still listening,But now, the situation is not intended to listen to it.。
“Hey,Want to walk from here??”
The front of the two is a few warriors who guarded the night.,No god command,No one can leave in the middle of the night。
Fuhua talk room,Several fighters behind the intersection have a number of feathers。
Sokept to Shanfa speed,Pulling Hanjiang quickly rushed out of the intersection。
Feather dust is the key to the spirit of the spiritual class,The ability of Fuhua now knows the law,Short-term control of several powerless warriors see the vision。
“Go to France。”