“Put my phone in,Otherwise don’t blame me for being polite,”After this scene just now,No one is lucky anymore。

“you,Take things out,”Two masked men walked towards Qin Hao。
“If i don’t take it?”Qin Hao looked at him with http://www.mobi-x3.cn interest。
“You stabbed you if you didn’t take me,See if your mouth is hard or my knife is hard。”
“take it out!”A dagger dangled in front of Qin Hao。
“roll,”Qin Hao roar,Slap directly at the masked man in front。
He didn’t expect Qin Hao to start suddenly,Because it’s close to Qin Hao,So http://www.ctigaojie.cn he can’t dodge。
The entire right face was directly covered by Qin Hao’s slap,Qin Hao was slapped to the ground,The right cheek is swollen。
Qin Hao didn’t keep his hands this time,He probably broke his facial bones。
“I rely on,Encounter a hard stubble,Give me up,”The six people behind directly encircled Qin Hao.。
“Bang dong,”Huang Xiaoding stood up and kicked directly,The person closest to him fell directly to the ground。
Suddenly there was a howl,The man’s leg was kicked off by Huang Xiaoding。
Huang Xiaoding is taking itAlevelBAfter the first-class body strengthening http://www.ltmingwu.cn potion,Body strength and explosive power have doubled。