Wang Youdao smiled and said:“Mayor Ouyang!Don’t you be afraid?We borrowed this money from you,It’s not that I borrowed it and didn’t pay it back。You think it over before answering“Wang Youdao said haha。

Ouyang Hongyi listen,Can’t help but get angry。She stood up,Said calmly:“Deputy Mayor Wang,How bad is Pingyang town this time?,Does anyone else know,I think you should be clear。The disaster relief fund allocated by the city government is just looking at the flowers in the fog,Unexpectedly, you dare to borrow the investment funds for leisure agriculture?“
“Mayor Ouyang!Don’t have such a big emotion, okay?You must know the economy of Pingdu,City financial losses,The Civil Affairs Bureau only issues orders,But I can’t get any money。Just waiting for the funding,But some things are not so easy”Mayor Chen said with a raised voice。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“No funds allocated above,I don’t have the ability to manage,I just tell you,The investment fund of the Pingyang Town Cooperative was approved by Mr. Wang from Renjia Group,So the ins and outs of this money,Report to others for every penny spent”
“Don’t make it so serious,Startups still care about these two million,If Xia Jian is here,It’s not that hard to get him to do five-strength”Mayor Chen suddenly said something like this,It seems that Xia Jian has a certain influence in the eyes of their leaders。
Wang Youdao paused,He sighed and said:“Mayor Ouyang,You have to find a way。Are you a national official anyway??Should obey the leadership!”
“how?If I don’t use this investment fund, I don’t obey the leadership?I put the words here,Don’t want to move this money,I want special funds,Immediately used to restore recreational agriculture construction。Such as the investigation of leisure agriculture cannot be normal business in the near future,The lives of the people in Pingyang Town will be even more sad”Ouyang Hong finished,Turn around and leave。
Wang Youdao stepped forward,In front of Ouyang Hong,He said emotionally:“Mayor Ouyang,Please be rational,Don’t hurt everyone’s peace because of this trivial matter”
“Is two million a trivial matter?Deputy Mayor Wang!Your tone is too big,How about you give me two million,How about I come to Pingyang Town for post-disaster reconstruction??”Ouyang Hong said very angry。
Mayor Chen stood up abruptly,He shouted loudly at the king:“You let her go。Unorganized and undisciplined”
“I repeat,No one can think of other ideas about this money,Even if my mayor quits,The money will not be used for other things”Ouyang Hong finished,Pushing away Wang Youdao in front of him,Left angrily。
Mayor Chen blushed and roared:“outrageous,No idea about the overall situation at all”
Wang Youdao lowered his head and said:“Mayor Chen,Before she came,I expected it would be such a result。Since she doesn’t agree”
“Humph!Must teach her a lesson,Otherwise, how will we lead her in the future?”Mayor Chen said fiercely。
An angry Ouyang Hong just stepped into her office,Secretary Wang of the town committee rushed in。He just about to speak,Deputy Mayor Zhao also walked in。
Secretary Wang put his hands in his pockets,He shook a few thin hairs on his forehead,Tell Ouyang Hong coldly:“Mayor Ouyang,You are more and more capable now!Dare to go against the mayor,You don’t want to do it”