World coexisting in this person,The first person who dares to appear to Shen Ming appears.,So in the eyes of the eyes,Night is a heterogeneous!

No matter how good he is,How much you want to get him before you?,Now only unify the quarry to eliminate him。
Just because of the night,Do something that is absolutely unable to do!
Chapter 218 Suo Zhu
Today’s third,Updates that are owed are all finished.′`
Suo Zhen heard the words of the night,It’s also stunned.。
Yes,Why is the other party to kill Santistera?,So many others,Why don’t he kill??
Suo god,Put it on Sannis Rustella,The latter’s eyes are also somewhat dodge。
A god,Sannis Rustera’s performance,Already clear,This is the performance of ity。
“Lily is coming over,Put your heads,Say it to Su Zaoshi。
There are you,If you know what a great deedd,You can also share sharing with your god.,I don’t know that the next head is you.。”
Night is letting the Sumo genus who was frozen by him before,And said to them。
And those of these Suko,People who are pressed by Sannis Rustera are not a few,At this time, I also speak very well.。
Private selling inferior god、Powerful members of the genus,Disability lily parent,These and so on have been smashed one by one.。
Suo’s face is also increasingly ugly,He as a god,Conscientious wine,Deep afraid of other gods,The result is a working?
And those inferior wines in Sannis Rustera,If you are drank by other gods,Don’t you directly smash your signboard??
Previous Suizu Loun in Sannis Rustera,Is the first child,And prepare materials each time,Also calculate,Only handed him to him.。
But I didn’t expect it.,The other party is in this question.。
Murder,Bully weak、Sell wine,Let Su Ze’s momentum is disappointed with Sannis Rustera。
And Sannis Rustera also knows the general trend,At this time, I ran to Suo’s God.,Tight hugging Suo’s thigh。
“God adult,I just do just for the development of genus.。
I know I am wrong.,It is not related to it.,But at least look at me for many years.,Rao, a dog!。”
It’s better to die.,Sannis Rustera doesn’t want to die,He is countless these years。
Even,Light against those hidden,It is also enough to make him the next half.。
Suo Shen looks to the night,After all, it is your first child.,Suo Zhen naturally hopes that Sannis Rustera can live down。
But now the situation,It’s no longer to let Sannis Rustera live.,People will be willing to let him live.。
This is what they are losing,Even if he is a god,Also at all。
It seems to understand the eyes of Suo Zhen,But the night is not intended to sell each other.。
“Murder,Debt,This is the meaning of the sky,What is wrong with the flower shop couple??
Since you have the courage to kill people,There should be a sense of reimbursement to a certain day.。”
Night is iron, I want to kill Sannis Rustera,Since you have already revenge,That has not left the truth。
“Don’t you really live??I can compensate this little girl.。”
Sannis Rustel is bitterly pleading Suo Shen,Suo is also a little bit of heart.。
“This is not talking about,Susu Shenner,I respect you is God.,Only use discussion。
If you talk about words,Then I will submit to God.“Wife discretion agreement”,Just out to the challenge to your genus。
Use the whole class to leave Eulali,As a bet of this war。”
Night has given this god enough face.,If the other party is not retired,Then I will kill together.。
Conclude,The head of Suzu will be so born like this.,It’s not a bit related to Suo Zhen.。
If it is not unknown?,Let your own genus,Never happen to happen。