What Wang Yufei needs is Xiaozhi or his brother,Can be directly within a ten-thousandth of a second,Make the most correct choice。

Only with trillions of computing power per second,At the same time, agents that also possess human empathy have such capabilities.。
So when Guo Xiaoyi came to help Xiaozhi find out the meaning of his question,Wang Yufei just feels like laughter。How to explain to these two kids?
“What have you been talking about?”Wang Yufei slid his hand over the ring on the ring finger,Reactivated the signal connection with Xiaozhi。
“father,I’m discussing life with my sister!”
Obviously Xiaozhi, who has been in a closed state, is troubled,Have learned to answer。
“puff……”Lu Yuxin couldn’t help but laugh:“Explore life?You and your sister-in-law?”
Guo Xiaoyi flushed,Ok,Look at what Sister-in-law said,Why can’t I discuss life with her??But in defense,The little girl decided to change the subject:“It’s not just about life,We also explored ancient poems,I want to teach Xiaozhi the beauty of words。”
“Oh?Xiaozhi,What ancient poems did your sister teach you?”Wang Yufei is also interested,Asked。
Able to understand the beauty of words,It is also one of the directions that artificial intelligence needs to understand。
“That’s too much!”Xiaozhi answered immediately。
“Then recite a few poems,We listen,Memorize well,I will tell you the article requirements。”
“no problem,Listen up everyone。Sitting up in shock,Yang Tian laughed and went out;There is a way to heaven,Study the sea without boundaries;Wish to be a lovebird in the sky,Fly to each other;The old woman is weak,Boss Yueyang City;Bead curtain,Wanjing people disappear;Dreams in the middle of the night,Only dream idlers do not dream king;Three thousand beauties in the harem,The iron pestle is ground into an embroidery needle……”
While Xiaozhi is still exerting himself infinitely,Guo Xiaoyi yelled fiercely。