“I ran here,It’s not fast”Wang Youcai murmured,Hurriedly opened the big iron gate。

Feng Yan kicked the throttle,The white car rushed in like an arrow。A sudden stop,Feng Yan jumped off the work truck,Rushed to the bathroom in the yard。
Wang Youcai couldn’t help laughing,This woman is in an emergency,No wonder she is so anxious。
Feng Yan, who came out of the bathroom, frowned and said:“Manager Wang!It’s time to clean up this bathroom。You are someone who has been to the city,See what the restroom looks like?Is it cleaner than the kitchen?”
“Liu Ying!Go and clean up the toilet,Let Yao Chunni watch first in the kitchen”Wang Youcai yelled at the kitchen。Yao Chunni’s belly is getting bigger and bigger recently,Wang Youcai is a little bit afraid to let her do something,But she doesn’t listen。
Feng Yan stared and roared:“Wang Youcai!You let the cook to clean the toilet,what do you mean?Such a large construction site,Is there no one else?”
Ouch!There are so many stinky things about this girl,Gesticulate。Wang Youcai cursed secretly,But he dared not speak directly in front of Feng Yan。He had to laugh and say:“I will arrange,You invite tea in the house”
Feng Yan saw that Wang Youcai was quite obedient,Didn’t talk any more,Instead, he walked into Wang Youcai’s office with a swaying willow style.。
Wang Youcai arranged two sentences for Liu Ying,So he quickly followed in。He gently shut the door of the office,And asked with a smile:“How are you feeling now?Is it very good。See you look better than before,The body should be no different”
“Does it change at this point??Ke Julan said,I am more beautiful than before”Feng Yan said,Glancing at Wang Youcai with her charming eyes。
Wang Youcai couldn’t help but shivered,He walked over in two steps,Sat down next to Feng Yan。He put his arm around Feng Yan’s waist a little involuntarily。
Feng Yan stared,Said quietly:“Show respect,This is the office,If seen by outsiders,How will I start work in the future?”
“Rest assured,This is my office,They don’t knock on the door, let me see who dares to come in”Wang Youcai looks a little bit dead。Although Feng Yan had a bad attitude towards him,But he doesn’t care at all。
Wang Youcai has experience in making women,Not cheeky,That won’t work。Which beauties on the street do you see,Basically, people walking around are some rogue-like characters。This is his Wang Youcai’s understanding of this matter,So when he was making women,The face is thicker than the city walls of Xi’an。
Feng Yan glared at him and said:“Your cowhide blows so much,Unfortunately i don’t believe。Didn’t the woman rush in last time?,What do you say about this?”
“Hi!Her!I have educated her,There is no such thing as a student now“Wang Youcai said,The other hand is placed on Feng Yan’s thigh wearing flesh-colored silk stockings。
Feng Yan smiled charmingly and scolded:“You are a dog,I let my old lady suffer such a big crime last time,Did you forget so soon”