“Call,You don’t have to explain it.!This gimmick,I like!”

“I can’t afford to do your favorite.!”
‘Yar General’Puzzle
292chapter Huns
“Ye Gongzi,Please come with the old body!”
After sending a girl,,Fast return,Found the location of Ye Munning。
I saw her plenty of one.,Four black people disappeared in the same place。
“Your status is quite high!”
Ye Xunning is sitting in place,like a statue。
“Ye Gongzi,I advise you to obey it.,Don’t have any ideas!”
嬷嬷 嬷嬷 眼 穿 穿 心 心 心 心。
Voice is just,Ye Xunning, I felt the gas field just a few people.。
“cough,Where are you going to take me?!”
People under the roof,Have to bow。
Ye Xunning stands up,Take the wrinkles on clothes。
I didn’t speak,See Hui Xiangning.,Trailing。
All the way silence,Wait until a door,嬷嬷 嬷嬷 开 开 说。
Low sound pressure,
“Ye Gongzi,Waiting for something, no matter what,You must stay quiet!Don’t speak!”
Ye Xunning looks like a fake in front of people,Nodded slowly
“give‘Yar General’Look at your ability.!”
Niu Niu,Unfolbened。
“Let this put this.!”
I didn’t take care of Niu Niu’s eyes.,Idle chair with my fingers。
He said that it is straightforward.,Niu Niu understood what he meant。
Recalling his method in Qingshan Village in the brain。
“it is good!”
Niu Niu’s top two steps,Watching a chair in the dressing。
Then raise your hand,The chair disappeared in front of you。