“There is President Xia’s words,I can rest assured。How about this!When you go back this time,Just take Lu Hui away!You must not refuse”

Xiongji talking,Laughed。
Xia Jian turned over and lay on the bed。Lu Hui began to press his legs and arms。Xia Jian said to Xiongji:“Mr. Xiong really underestimated me。The project sold by Dongsheng Group this time is the Hongchuan River Hot Spring Resort in Qingshan County,Is there still a shortage of female technicians??”
“that’s true!It seems that I was flattering and slapped wrong this time。Then you enjoy it,I go to the next room,I’m not interested here”
Xiongji really turned around and left。Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But took a breath。People like Xiongji,Is the real businessman,What can make money,What does he do。Where can I make money,He drilled somewhere。
“President Xia!Mr. Xiong just asked you to take me away,Why don’t you agree?Is it because I am too old or because my craft is not good?”
Lu Hui suddenly asked softly。
Xia Jian sat up slowly,He took a breath and said:“None of this。You follow me,Let Mr. Xiong pay you again,What are you talking about?Then don’t I always owe him a favor?So we can’t do this”
“Then you don’t take me away,Do you not help Mr. Xiong??”
Lu Hui smiled slightly,She knelt on the bed and squeezed Xia Jian’s arms。
Xia Jian was taken aback,How could this woman ask such a question。He suddenly realized。It turned out that Xiongji finished this trick with him,This is pure disbelief”
Since I have seen through the intention of Xiongji,Xia Jian deliberately said:“Mr. Xiong and I have known each other for many years,Deep friendship。His business is my business,How can I influence our friendship for a little profit?!As the so-called gentleman’s friendship is as pale as water,I won’t forget about him”
Lu Hui:“Oh”No more words。Full body,Xia Jian sent Lu Hui away。He put on his clothes calmly this time,Quietly left the bathing center。he knows,Xiongji walked into it,It won’t come out without two or three hours。
Stopped a car on the side of the road,He thought for a while before telling the driver where he was going。The driver thought about the route,This starts the car。It seems that he is not particularly familiar with Bucheon。
Xia Jian closed his eyes as soon as he got in the car,He is sleepy,But he was thinking about the problem。Xiongji seems to have really changed,I even gave him this trick today。He clearly knew that Xia Jian would never bring a technique back from the bathing center,But he just wanted to do this。I just want to find out the real answer in his heart through Lu Hui??But he was wrong。
“Mr!The place you said has arrived。Do you see this place?”
The taxi driver whispered in Xia Jian’s ear。Xia Jian opened his eyes and took a look。Yes,He has been to this place,Is where Lu Changfei lives。Xia Jian just finished paying the taxi driver,His phone rang。Xia Jian got off the bus,Connected to the phone。