Bang,The rolling shutter was completely pulled down by Li Tianchou,This reminded him of the scene with Peng Weihua in the underground casino。Do nothing but do nothing,He twisted the iron hook into a twist with both arms,Thoroughly nail the rolling gate to the ground。

Finish these,Li Tianchou turned around and took a look,In front of me, except for the freckled crush,There are four or five guys,The strong guy glaring at him。Headed by a burly,Wearing a black hurdle,Due to power failure,The internet cafe’s light is not so good,Li Tianchou didn’t bother to think about the other side’s looks。
“friend,Never met,Why go to my internet cafe to make trouble?”Hei Hurdles can’t figure out where Li Tianchou came from,So for the time being to suppress anger。
“Ha ha,Sorry,This must be Boss Xue。I didn’t want to make such a big move,But this girl is too curious,I can’t see you again,So I had to make the best move。”Li Tianchou is playing haha,Apologetic,She pointed her finger at freckles。
“What’s up with me?”Xue Jie saw Li Tianchou’s hippie smile,Can’t hold back his anger,“Nima’s bad business,Too much?”
“Boss Xue, don’t get angry。It’s actually very simple,Boss Xue owed my friend a sum of money not long ago,There is no saying so far,So I came over to ask。”Li Tianchou put a smile away,His face has also become cold。
“Haha,Kidding。Laozi owes money everywhere,I don’t know which friend you are talking about?”Xue Jie laughed,Iron rod in hand,Very arrogant,He was relieved,It’s easy to say if you come to ask for an account。
“Ha ha,remind,Two of my friends worked here not long ago,It’s just that Boss Xue is too real,Not only did not pay,Also beat them up。You have forgotten things,Don’t know if you still have an impression?”
“Paralyzed,Two chicks,Courageous。”Xue Jie scratched his head,Pretending to mumble,Suddenly shouted,“I am impressed with Nima。”Waving his stick and hitting Li Tianchou。There are no signs before you start,Alive old gangsters。
Unexpectedly, Li Tianchou is not as reckless and ignorant as he imagined,Just when he scratched his head,People have long been on guard。
In the eyes of Xue Jie,Suddenly, it must be swift and violent,See where you hide?But in Li Tianchou’s eyes,His movements are too slow,Can be capturedNActions,It’s really not worth mentioning。
Li Tianchou flashes easily,Not only escaped the iron rod very smartly,And hit Xue Jie’s chest with a elbow,Fast,Cruel shot,Xue Jie can’t imagine。
“Wailing。”Scream,Xue Jie’s iron rod flew out of his hand,The mechanical doll that suddenly lost control of the portrait stopped on the spot,Paled face,Shortness of breath。I lost the battle in just one face,This is something he never dreamed of。
Several others saw it,Rushed up with the guy,Internet cafes have small spaces for activities,Li Tianchou won’t talk nonsense with them,Extremely sharp,Let them lie down in a few movements。