I heard this words of greeting,Li Hui Feng is also very happy,After all, the other party left,Many things don’t have to be troublesome.。

I immediately said the content of the contract of myself.,In the case where everyone has no objection,Li Hui is directly letting Jin Ming to go to the next big hotel.。
Jin Wuchen looked at Li Hui, who was sitting on the co-pilot.,Some curious laughs:“Lee brother,You are not afraid that the Heilongo is holding money?
That is nine million.,You just believe him.?”
“Hey-hey,Isn’t the sister with Miss Jiang??
Moreover,I don’t believe him if I introduce him.,Isn’t it equal to I don’t believe in Golden Big Brother??”
“Hahaha, you said, I love it.,Next is also a hotel,However, the boss of this restaurant is hard,And still a woman,The most important thing is Li Jia’s person.,I don’t know if Li’s brother is interested.?”
Li Huiyi listened to the people of Li Jia inside.,Immediately is also interested。
“Hey-hey,Such interesting things,Definitely be interested,I don’t know why Li Jia’s own people will fight.?
No should be very good to help each other.?”
“hehe,Li brothers,You said this,I feel that you are inner or core.,Even the self-heirs。”
“Only direct heirs may have you with this idea,But how many years do you think that Li Jiazhi is a sputum?,And it is the effort of generations,I have arrived in this generation of these men.,Many of your own distant relatives may not know,And Li Jia is also this situation.,Nature that has inherited qualifications will not be afraid,But the girl like Li Mei,If you don’t work hard,I want to inherit the burden of Li Jia.,Some unrealistic。”
Jin Ming’s words let Li Hui also understand some。
“Means of,Li Jia Li Mei is so powerful because I want to compete for my family?”
“Be no longer a battle,Even if she is amazing again,Some things are not what she wants to compete.,I can only say that she has strength to fight.,Even if you don’t fight, you will not want to step on her.。”
For families,Li Hui’s understanding,But Jin Ming is very clearly a lot of understanding.。
“Hey-hey,That gold big brother?
Golden Big Brother is a straight or bypass?”
I can’t say it myself.,Hahaha”Jin Ming said this,Also continue to laugh:“I can also say that it is straight,Because I was straight,But I don’t want to inherit some things.,And my road is the road to the side,It is the constant development,Constantly compete,I don’t like the original road.,But I came to my head.,Many things are not our little ages to change.,Even if I work hard,Really can’t surpass,So I am running on the wave now.,It’s natural.。”
“Oh,correct,Today, the woman’s woman is also the direct family.,Like me, I belong to the wave,But the conditions are somewhat harsh,As for what conditions, you will know.。”
Seeing Jin Ming Ming did not say,Li Hui also did not continue to ask,Because I will know the answer soon.。
And he also desperates。
The location of this restaurant is a bit remote,But let Li Hui’s apart is that the passenger traffic seems very good.,There is no need to go down.。
The most critical this hotel is actually theme hotel,Main romance,love,It’s all pairs of eating here.。
Jin Wuchen’s extension Linked instantaneous,Also attracting a lot of people’s side。
“Let it go,Let’s go upstairs to find her. ,Now this point should still sleep。”
“Forehead,People are sleeping,Why should we not disturb people??”
Jin Wuchen looked at Li Hui and laughed.:“That’s it is good.,I found that your kid didn’t open this,At this time, I will definitely see the beauty.,And still beautiful,The most critical is to see the bombing figure.,You don’t know if the boss of this hotel is now the title of the devil’s black rose.?”
This is the words of Jin Ming,Li Hui Feng is also a bit not compliment。
I can only follow the opponent.。
After walking to the top floor,Jin Ming is familiar with a pink wooden door.,Directly sounded the door。
“The old lady is sleeping,There are in the afternoon。”