of course,The biggest advantage of this space corridor,Is reserved for ancient practitioners,That is why‘future’The new Jiuchen leader Chishui Daojun will attack the Dongqi faction after the death of Dongqi Daojun。

There are no ancient practitioners under Li Ming,Can’t inspire this space corridor to enter the depths of the extremely distant Yu Xinghai,It’s not necessary。
But in his memory,This space corridor itself has the effect of tempering,There is also a legacy left by ancient practitioners。
Of course Li Ming knows,This opportunity is not great,It is definitely far inferior to the nine-fold chaos ban he has already practiced and the inheritance of the Sith tribe and even the supreme Pauline in the stone wall of the Three Realms Outside the Golem。
But the latter Li Ming is still clueless,Not enough strength。
simply,Come to Dongqiyu,Look at that space corridor。
of course,Dongqi Daojun in Dongqiyu is also a difficult problem。
Unlike Daojun Mingchen, this big sin is a lonely family,Dongqi Daojun has many friends,The palace lord of Heavenly Axe, who is now ranked fifth in the top Taoist monarch, and he are all friends。
If you don’t want to fight the Lord of the Heavenly Axe,,It’s the next best thing to directly force Dongqi Daojun。
of course,Let’s take a stroll in Dongqi City first,After all, it’s the border of the endless border,Quite special。
Many rare strange things,Strange customs,Li Ming liked it。
Wandering in Dongqi City for three full days,Because of deliberately not restraining,Change appearance,I guess Dongqi Daojun already knows‘Ming Daojun’’S visit。
Li Ming will also see this Dongqi Daojun。
Half a day later。
Dark sky,Dongqi faction’s layered array prohibition has been inspiring,Colorful,Vaillant。
Li Ming quickly flew to the main gate of Dongqi faction,Also blocked。
“Daojun please stop!”The disciple of the world realm who was in charge of guarding the main gate of the Eastern Qi faction hurriedly shouted。
Li Ming stopped,Tao:“You go quickly,Just say that the Ming Taoist from the Mengxian Palace is visiting,Quickly report to Jun Yudong。”