When Shen Xuan’s conscious look at the eye,Jiang Xiaotang,The beauty is even more curious.。

Since it is now,So this kind of thing,How should I handle it?。
In fact, there is something that is not to say more.,Instead, it should be this opportunity to now,A drum to solve this matter。
Jiang Xiaotao,It is slowly lifting the head to show this side.。
“very good,But the more you now,In fact, for this,How to get these。”
“In my eyes,These,Secondary。”
When Jiang Xiaop looks,She still didn’t forget。
Shen Xuan is very clear,So at this moment,Shen Xuan put his hand。
“Well,Let’s go to the 1 product.。”
“Since they want to start,Then let them,Know our powerful!”
Chapter 1055 This task can be connected
Apron meeting,Wang Li’s new consciousness looks at the eyes。
For him,Other things,Don’t I don’t think it is completely?。
However,It is because。
In fact, in Wang Li’s new look at it.,This,Wang Li Xin itself,Poor is very calm。
“To the task,This task,Is to deal with Shen Xuan!”
“I think,This task,Can pick up!”
With Wang Li Xin’s words,Those people around you,It’s even more,The next consciousness looks at the eye。
obviously,Even now,Their heart,It is also a feeling that can’t say it.。
But now,Wang Lixin looked at,It is not forgotten to talk directly to this.。
“you all,It would not feel,This task,It’s too difficult.?”
With Wang Li Xin finished,Those people around you,It’s even more。
In fact, now,Thing,Temporary is like this。
So,How should I handle this thing?。
In fact, now,Wang Li’s new person’s face,It is also a smile that brought a sight.。
And Wang Li Xin’s side,Others have gaze their eyes。
“But the main,I heard,This Shenxuan is difficult to deal with,He is quite powerful。”
“Let’s deal with him now.,Will not be very good?”
The people around you looked at Wang Li Xin,It is very urgent。
Dou is Wang Li New?,Very light。
These,But just a little thing.。