When Dong Wan woke up,It’s morning。
“Sister Dong,you’re awake。”Su Yimo guarded her by the bed。
“Where am i?”Dong Wan is a bit at a loss。
“You are at Brother Xiao Yang’s house,you are too tired,Fainted yesterday。”Su Yimo said。
Dong Wan looks around,“Where’s Xiao Yang?”
Su Yimo said,“Went to buy breakfast。”
Her voice just fell,Xiao Yang opened the door and came in,I carry a lot of things in my hand。
“ate breakfast。”Xiao Yang smiled,“I bought you a toothbrush and towel。”
Dong Wan walked out of the room,Quite embarrassed to say:“Thank you。”
Xiao Yang handed her the toothbrush and towel,“Just rest here these few days。”
Dong Wanshuo:“Manager Cheng, how are they??”
“Do you mean the two in your company??”
“At least half a year in jail。”
Xiao Yang said:“As for your contract with the company,I will contact you。”
Dong Wan didn’t know what to say for a moment,She found that she owed too much to Xiao Yang。
Xiao Yang smiled,“Work matter,I will help you。”
Dong Wan couldn’t help asking:“What are you doing in Donghae?”