Unexpectedly, Yao Yun shook his head,“I have to go home。”

Suddenly,I am startled。
Didn’t she say there is something to talk to me?
Why are you going home suddenly??
“it is good,My name is driving。”Talking,I took out my phone,Dialed a number quickly。
The driver came quickly,Five or six minutes later,A handsome guy,Riding a folding electric bike。Stopped in front of us。
Yao Yun handed the keys to the little handsome guy,Then got in the car。
I was about to watch them leave,Yao Yun suddenly dropped the car window,“Don’t you plan to take me home?”
Heard this,I immediately opened the car door,Sat in。
Tell the truth,I haven’t really thought about it,I can go to Yao Yun’s house one day。
Car seven turns eight turns,Drove into a villa area。
“Help me out。”Yao Yun said。
I immediately open the door and get off,Help her out of the car。
Her consciousness is still sober,It’s just that the body is out of control,The whole person is posted on my body。
Although this is not the first time physical contact has occurred,but,I’m still very excited。
She looked at me drunkly,Smile from the heart,Let me watch it for a while。
We stood at the door for a few seconds。