Everyone puzzled。

Xiao Yang said:“I made a poem。”
Dongda students’ eyes flooded,Everyone looked at Xiao Yang expectantly。
Yuan Zhiling, Dong Wan and others also looked at Xiao Yang。
Is it a poem written on the basis of the Battle of Chibi?
Professor Yan sneered,He didn’t believe Xiao Yang could write good things。
First181chapter Xiao Yangpin’s Three Kingdoms is on fire
Xiao Yang began to recite poems。
Nian Nujiao·Nostalgia in Chibi
Go east,The waves are exhausted,Love through the ages。So west,Humanity is:Three Kingdoms Zhou Lang Chibi。Rock through the sky,The storm hits the shore,Roll up a thousand piles of snow。Picturesque,How many heroes for a while。
Just read Shangque,Professor Yan and others were shocked。
Xiao Yang went on to recite Xia Que。
Yao Xiang Gong Jin back then,Xiao Qiao married,Majestic hair。Lupin towel,When talking and laughing。My Homeland,Amorous should laugh at me,Early life Huafa。Life is a dream,One is still the moon。
Everyone is stunned by this word。
Yuan Zhiling takes the lead in applauding。
The students of Dongda applauded。