For a long time,I feel so hot and unbearable。

then,I took off my clothes。
At this time,The sound of water in the bathroom stopped。
Chapter Ninety Eight Made a mistake
I immediately got up from the bed staggered。
Then ran to the bathroom。
After entering the door,I’m lying on the toilet,Vomiting frantically。
Vomited for a long time,I feel my bile is going to come out。
I finally feel better in my stomach。
I hold the toilet with both hands,Pouting butt for a long time。I just feel relieved。
Walk to the sink,Turn on the tap,After pouring a few mouthfuls of cold water,I washed my face again。
Suddenly,The whole person is sober。
I look at myself in the mirror,Self-deprecating。
Zuo Zhi ah Zuo Zhi,You’ve been competitive since childhood,Study must be the first in the class。
Studied for so many years,In the end it’s nothing。
Married a wife,I will leave you in the end。