I immediately shook my head。

“Woman when shooting,Usually use this kind of thing。”The barman said with a smile。
I can’t manage that much now,Want to go in,Something must be done。
As for,After entering,What will happen,I do not know。
“Come,Hurry in。”
The male service said,Hold my hand,Pushed me into the room。
The moment you walk in,I glanced at two women quickly。
Cui Yu and another woman,Talking while lying down,No one looked at us。
Cui Yu lying on the chair outside。
I see it,Immediately sit at the feet of another woman。
Woman’s feet in the basin,Rubbing each other。
I lower my head,Glanced at the buddy beside。
He has already started washing Cui Yu’s feet。
I can only learn how to start washing this woman’s feet。
Tell the truth,This is my first time washing women’s feet。
When I first got married,I also smiled and said to Zhou Rui,I want to help her wash her feet。
At that time, Zhou Rui refused directly。