“There are eighteen golden arhats。”

Buddhist believers immediately knelt down and bowed。
And the monk known as the Buddha is quietly looking at the towering mountains,The mouth keeps opening and closing,Seems to be chanting something softly。
A moment later……
The towering mountains disappear。
There are only two huge Sala trees left in the sky。
“Buddha,Dao Gong reopened!”A golden Arhat looks at the Buddha。
“Amitabha。”The Buddha nodded gently:“I heard that His Majesty Tianwu of Zhongtu is a rare Mingjun,What’s more rare is,She used to practice in the temple?”
“Yes,that time,She is still in her twenties。”
“When I was in my twenties, I forged such a fate with my Buddha,We should visit this Majesty Tianwu。”Buddha’s face is majestic。
“Good,If His Majesty Tianwu knew that the Buddha would become attached to her,I will certainly be grateful for my Buddha’s compassion。”Golden Arhat chants softly。
Daogongshan Gate。
Yan Ruyu looked at the tea cup full of green tea in front of him。
“Baihe College,Star Court,Royal palace,And the Great Leiyin Temple in the west,and so,I am a talent that has not yet been selected to revive Dao Sect under the siege of these four forces?”
“Not square。”Old Dao shook his head again。
“What do you mean?Is it,There are other forces that have got the broken sword?”Yan Ruyu was taken aback。