Listening to her exaggerated tone,I smiled。

“Things are going well?”I tilted my head and asked。
“President Chen is serious and good,Nothing,Gave me a list。”Poetry dreams,Stretch out three fingers,“Three hundred thousand,My boy,Master,Your face is upright。”
I’m smiling,Pointing to his chest and said,“What kind of face,Is the stomach is really big,Master drank him scared。”
The two of us chatted without a word。
The extinction master just happened to pass by。
“Director Zhou。”Shimeng stood up,Her voice is loud,“You let me get a list within a week,I have taken it now,This time,I don’t have to go?”
Poetic dreams。
In front of so many people,Say this aloud,In fact, it was to slap the extinction teacher in public,Raise everyone’s hatred towards her。
This little trick,It’s me instead,Would never do。
Everyone hates the extinct teacher too,And the extinction master will hate poetry dreams even more。
Vicious hatred closed loop,In the end no one will be better。
The extinction master glanced at me too much,Then he gave a cold snort,Twisted her grind-like ass and walked away。
I rely on!
It seems that she put the account on my head again。
Is it,She wants to expel Shimeng,Can I just stand by and watch??
She fucking moved my man!
Not guilty,Guilty。
It seems that I and Master Exterminator,Has reached the point of endless death。