“Scared……”Little white fox shivering。

“Don’t be afraid,What night watchman?As long as I’m there,even if‘Huangpi Ridge’Up‘Huang Yuanyuan’Can’t bully you,Come,Little white sister,Open arms,Hug me tightly,Don’t let go!”Thirteen Little Treasure once again extended two chubby paws to the little white fox。
The little white fox raised his foot subconsciously。
At this moment,A slight noise came from the entrance of the temple。
This is the sound of a branch being trampled off,Although it was rainy night,But it instantly aroused the vigilance of the foxes,because,This means something is approaching。
The dilapidated temple door was pushed open。
Rain mixed with leaves blowing into the temple。
Wearing a hat on one head,A figure wearing a black night walker appeared at the gate of the temple。
He carries a black wooden box behind his back,A long sword hangs under the wooden box,There is also a black cloth flag with a height of one meter。
A flash of lightning across the night sky。
Photograph the eight vigorous white characters on the black cloth banner。
“Mountain patrol,Evil Retreat!”
【Twenty-three years of Tianwu calendar,February 2】
My name is Yan Ruyu,Age fifteen years old,Today is the first day of my journey,I am excited,Because I saw a handsome boy in the river。
I just don’t know what kind of system I will get next?Just look forward to it,People who can cross,Which one is bad luck?