This metaphor comes from the earth,It means showing affection in front of a single dog。

Yuan Li is not a single dog,But Lei’s rules are strict,They rarely show affection in public,Seeing others so unscrupulous,Except for jealousy,Call:“Spicy eyes。”
This kind of very fresh words makes people except Lei Tianzi feel very fresh,Ask Yuan Li what is“Spicy eyes”,Yuan Li explained:“Look at them,Do we feel inferior to others??”
Everyone nodded together。
Yuan Li just said:“Since this scene is passed through the eyes,Caused severe physical discomfort,That’s hot eyes。”
“Oh I see。”Everyone understands。
Walked for a while,Some single dogs saw Lei Tianzi with so many female fairies,So come over and strike up a conversation:“Hello fairy,Can i invite you to dinner?”
“Good fairy,Let’s go have fun together。”
“Good fairy……”
Three or four people come over and talk to them,But these people are centered on Lei Tianzi,Let’s not talk about Yuan Li and Zhai Jun、Feng Xianliang、Impatiens、Xuanyuan Dandan is his wife,Oriental Pearl alone、Oriental Mingyu、Qinghe Miaomiao can’t leave Emperor Lei。
A surprising scene appeared,All the female fairies watch Lei Tianzi together,See how he handles so many strangers。
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