“clothes……clothes……Yes indeed,symbol……Talisman!!!Why didn’t i think of it?I have read in the literature,Dao Zong uses talisman as a means of attack,That’s right……Is the symbol,Dao Zong portrays changes on talisman paper!”Canary woke up suddenly。

“……”Yan Ruyu。
The crane uttered a loud cry again at this time。
As if I heard the words of a canary,I actually spit out a pill bead in my mouth,This pill bead is crystal clear and jade,but,Without any color。
It looks like a group of cohesive Qi!
And at the same time,Canary opened its mouth,Swallowed Danzhu in one bite。
An instant,Canary’s eyes open。
She was full of bright light,The skin seems to have a delicate change,Actually cracked slowly,and,Peel off。
Yan Ruyu was really surprised this time,Could it be,The legendary reborn?The power of Taoism in this world,Is it so amazing?
He quietly looked at the canary in front of him。
a long time,Canary let out a breath。
A gust of wind,The skin on her body has been refreshed,but,The red one behind her“Xue”The word is still there,It’s just that the color has faded a bit。
It doesn’t seem to be truly reborn,Just peeled off……but,This sounds scary?Yan Ruyu uttered something in her heart,Not playing with painted skin?