How to quickly reduce points through the law and reduce the score of the law and the answer to sharing

Don’t pass it? I have always thought of doing the idea of ??doing 12123, but I have not moved. I may feel that the problem is more difficult from the heart. It is difficult to test it.

Until I saw the friends around me, I really reduced the points, so I put the matter on the agenda.

After some understanding, we will have the following experience sharing.

When the answering artifact is swept out, the answer provides more accurate search questions for students. The online operation is very convenient, the functional and fast search tools. If you need it, you can download the actual experience. Key search, it is completely free, and the number of times the number of searches is not limited. It is a necessary artifact for you to answer questions.

It is in this scenario that you can better carry out traffic knowledge and improvement.

The answering artifact came out when sweeping, as long as you take a picture of the question online, you have to answer the tool. You can make the right choice without the multiple choices you encountered, and you don’t have to take the re -examination once or twice. Seeing such a good tool, I believe you can’t help but try to try it, hurry up and start the experience journey! Processing, licensed and other traffic management business. , Driver’s license score, certificate replacement, examination and other information inquiry services. More than 40 traffic management services such as transportation processing. Function. In January 2020, the "Regulations for the Reading of Traffic Safety Education (Trial)" was announced. Implementing policies, motor vehicle drivers can reduce points through three ways to take online examinations, on -site examinations, and traffic safety public welfare activities. Previously, it has been tried in some regions such as Hunan, Gansu, Guangdong, Zhejiang.

At present, Shanghai has confirmed the scope of the pilot. The curriculum is set up by the provincial traffic management department, covering 12 aspects such as safety driving common sense, emergency risk aversion, and transportation bank as a judgment. Questions, answers 18 questions and above are qualified. Editor in charge: KJ005.