Adaptation time open inclusive (and sound)

Adaptation time, keep pace with the times is that the middle-independent relationship has always maintained strong vitality, continuous development of important motivation, open inclusive, and mixed and harmful is the distinctive characteristics of China-Non-cooperation in the international and non-cooperative characteristics. It is not a day. It is not a given, but the mid-not bilateral wind and rain are in the same boat, the trouble and a total, one step is coming out.

President Xi Jinping recently proposed the spirit of Zhongfa’s friendly cooperation in the opening ceremony of the 8th ministerial meeting of the China-Non Cooperation Forum. It is the crystallization of China-flying parties for a long time, sincere cooperation. Non-relational shining business cards.

In line with the time, open inclusion is an important part of the spirit of China-non-friendly cooperation, showing the modern style of the middle and non-cooperation. In the past 65 years, China-Africa opens, helping each other from the poor brothers, to lead the international to non-cooperative trends, China – African cooperation never closed him, but open confidence, innovation, not only bring opportunities for the economic and social development of Africa, Moreover, it has created more favorable conditions for non-cooperation. Adaptation time, keep pace with the times is that China-African relationship has always maintained strong vitality, continuous development of important motivation, open inclusive, and harmfulness is the distinctive characteristics of China-Non-cooperation in international non-cooperation.

In the past 65 years, China-African parties have followed the trend of peace, development, cooperation, and win – win, adhere to the high-rise, and constantly promoting the new spans. Both parties support each other in the struggle for national liberation and national independence, continue to deepen political mutual trust; homogenerate mutual assistance on the road to realize economic development and national revitalization, continuously expand new cooperation; closely coordinate, common Defend international fairness justice.

In particular, China-Africa Cooperation Forum has been established in 2011, and China-Africa Relationship has achieved a leap from the establishment of a new strategic partnership to improve the comprehensive strategic partnership. The goal of the Community, in order to promote the construction of new international relations, it is important for the establishment of human fate communities to establish an example, and contributes important forces to promote international relations democratization. In the past 65 years, the middle and non-development spirit of the mountains, in the development of the water frame, and persistent into the spirit of promoting the people’s well-being as the goal, and continuously expand the breadth and depth of cooperation. From the "Top Ten Cooperation Program" to "eight major actions" to "nine projects", China-Non-cooperation adheres to the changes in the times and the needs of both parties, and always find new bits and growth points. In recent years, with the respective economic development stages, the advantages of the ladder connection between the two parties are more obvious, and the two parties cooperate to enter the new phase of the improvement and efficiency. Both parties continue to consolidate trade investment, health, agricultural poverty reduction, infrastructure, human resources, etc., actively expand new state, green low-carbon, smart cities, 5G and other new state cooperation, and build new growth in China and non-cooperation. Point, the road to China and non-mutually beneficial cooperation is getting wider.

China has always believed that Africa realizes Changzhi, the development of revitalization, is the heart of African people, and is also an international social responsibility; Africa is a big stage of international cooperation, not a big country game. Arena. China-Africa Construction "One Belt" completely follows the existing international general rules, adheres to the public and transparent, and will strengthen the third party cooperation with all the abilities and willingly, and achieve mutual benefit and win more. Win the cooperation platform.

China proposes "Global Development Initiative", China and African countries jointly launched the "Supporting African Development Partner Initiative", welcome more countries and organizations, especially traditional African partners, to bring together strong cooperation for the development of Africa to help Africa The country has achieved more powerful, green, and healthy development. Today, the world is facing a big change in the past 100 years. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, China will adhere to the real-life concept and correct emissivity, with African countries, continue to write high-quality development of China-Non cooperation, and build new The brilliant chapter of the Africane Community in the Times.

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