Deep Network Observation No. 522 uses "automatic renewal" ? users wool, ? one less one

Artificial intelligence reading: Be careful! Working people’s money may be taken by the Internet app "automatic renewal".

Under the background of Internet payment, many app "intimate" launched automatic renewal functions such as "Continuous Market", so that users can go smoothly into the next period of use after the short-term payment is over. . In addition to the convenience of time, the platform will also give some users to automatically renewal. Many users are looking at this offer, holding the psychology of "renewing the fee for a month", was cut with wool, cut the leeks. Money is so gorgeous. Why is the app to let users pay automatic payment, really because they are so intimate? Since this is so intimate, why is it when I take the user’s money? "There is no free lunch in the world" most suitable for these businesses – no discounts for no reason. Let users actively choose or passively select automatic renewal, the platform has their own interests. Continuous monthly or annual ways can make companies get more benefits, province’s human labor costs for developing new customers and maintaining old users.

For users who use many different pay platforms, once the automatic renewal feature is opened by default, it is easy to forget this after a short time. If you don’t query the bill, you will cancel it, the cycle of deduction will be indefinitely extend. The accumulation is small, and the automatic renewal will bring a lot of expenditures. If the money has no end, it is already annoyed. What is even more dumb is, it is difficult for users to find the entrance to cancel the automatic renewal fee.

The entrance to the automatic deduction is generally hidden in the individual settings of Alipay, WeChat, and platform. The submenu name is diverse, sometimes it takes one point to open to find the canceled path.

As an example of Alipay, users need to click on my – set – payment settings – automatic deduction to find the deduction item to be closed.

Users using Apple phones, can’t find above the above three apps, you also need to find the project in Apple’s subscription. Even after the app is covered, some need to be tethered in the third party payment platform.

According to relevant laws, if the user has fulfilled and informs the obligation when the user has sufficiently prompts and informs the obligation, it will not belong to infringement. However, most platforms use very small font to prompt users and check, once the "agreement agreement", the platform has earned responsibility. In this case, the app does not notify the user before the deduction is actually within the scope of the law. Therefore, the problem is that the platform still doesn’t want you to know, but make what you know.

On March 15 this year, the Market Supervision Administration announced the "Measures for Network Transaction Supervision and Administration", in paragraph 12, Article 18, the online trading operator should accept the pre-service and automatic exhibition during the service period, On the 5th day of the date of the automatic renewal fee, consumers should be done in a significant manner; they should also provide consumers to provide significant, easy cancellation or change options at any time. That is, the platform is obliged to remind the user five five days before the deduction, and simplify the operation of canceling the automatic renewal fee. Why is the promotion text message is fast, but it doesn’t know if the user’s mobile phone number is quiet when deduction. Advise the great app, don’t wait until the heavy hammer of the supervision, penalty, and then change the chaos of the automatic renewal fee.

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