Cai Jia’s first international five-star hotel settled in a new chapter of business business prosperity

Signing ceremony scene.

The organizer is directed as a city consiscener, and the general manager of Chongqing Land Company is said that it is a beautiful city consiscener, and 18 deep cultivation in Chongqing.

Blending into Cai Jiacheng has created a total of ten miles of the Ten Miles, with the "endogency cycle" concept, the whole-dimensional living city.

The project plan has a low-tech quality house residential area, about 350,000 industrial commercial clusters, the business potential energy potential energy and adjacent homogenous sports parks, and the closing of the city, the city, and ecological derived closed new life. From the living environment, life support, etc. to help Caijia Zhi Xin City’s transfer upgrade. Cai Jiaxin, as a new highland of the current production city, with the overall strength of the industrial layout, urban improvement, people’s livelihood improvement, environmental construction, etc., is incorporated in gorgeous transformation.

In the future, Cai Jiaxiao will continue to continue to force in the construction of ecological construction, industrial upgrading, urban comprehensive supporting facilities, attracting more investment, high scientific and technological content, good output, and strong industrial drive powerful projects Here to settled here, becoming a real livable ecological wisdom New Town.

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