High quality construction "taste Jinjiang · Happy City"

Original title: High Quality Construction "Title Jinjiang · Happy City" On October 29, the Eighth Congress of the Jinjiang District of the Communist Party of China The Eighth Congress of Jinjiang District, China. The General Assembly considers Chen Zhiyong comrades on behalf of the seventh representative meeting of the Jinjiang District of the Communist Party of China. . The report of the grand development of the "grades Jinjiang · Happy City" in Jinjiang District in the next five years. The party delegates agreed that the report was inspired and sentimental. They have passionately, and they all express their opinions, and they have said that they must seriously lead, propaganda, implement the spirit of party congress, and integrate their respective work.

  Focus on high quality life, report clear goals: high-quality balanced public service system is constantly improving, full coverage multi-level social security system is basically completed.

"The content of the report theme is clear, the direction goal is very informative, and the sentence is urgent.

"Zhu Wenfei, Party Secretary of the Jinjiang District Civil Affairs Bureau, said that in the next five years, the civil affairs department must be guided by the spirit of the eighth party congress in Jinjiang District, focusing on" grades Jinjiang, Happy City ", attacking hard, Jinjiang high-quality development contributes civil affairs. The new highlands of the focus industry, vigorously develop urban medical industry, realize the development of pension and industries; focus on new life, highlight "one old and a small" friendship, let push doors are a beautiful life The scene is spread all over Jinjiang; focusing on common prosperity, exploring the hierarchical classification comprehensive assistance system of urban relative poverty, playing the role of charity in three distribution, so that the difficult people have dignity to help; focusing community development, adjusting and community around the street administrative district The institutional mechanism reforms the "second half" article, explore the new mechanism of community governance in the central urban area of ??the large city.

Focus on the wisdom Jinjiang, surround the "once certification, one recognition, one network, one card, universal, one code payment" reform and innovation, and build a long-acting service mechanism for more convenient people.

  Focus on high quality development, report proposal, "one core two-axis three-zone three district" spatial function layout accelerated, "1 + 3 + 3" industrial system competitiveness has greatly improved, with project-driven multi-level enterprise cultivation mechanism more perfect, Accelerated by efficiently driven innovation, industry "hollow" effectively crack, social economy is more prosperous, and people’s lives are more prosperous.

  "The report is based on the concept of new development, and the scientific plan to achieve the practice path of the grand blueprint, which provides us with an important guide. Liu Hong, deputy director of the Fashion Vital Vital Vital Vital Vital Vital Vital Valley District Management Committee, Jinjiang District, said next step, Chunxi Road fashion Vitality Zone will carefully study the spirit of the General Assembly, closely around the high-quality "taste Jinjiang · Happy City" overall goal, fully implement the Qifeng’s business circle upgrade project, accelerate the production of four tide lines, and promote the output value of Chunxi Road Business Circles Double; Fully promote the urban update, Tianfu Maoye City, International Medical Metropolitan City, etc. Accelerated in the functional area, continuously improve the regional development level, strive to be the royal economic development of Jinjiang District, promote the high-quality development of Jinjiang District and then put on the new level. (Chengdu Daily Reporter Su Xinlin) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Share more people to see.