Chinese representative: The United Nations should better play the role of peacekeeping police

Xinhua News Agency, November 10th, China’s resident of the United Nations, in the United Nations, on the 10th, in the Security Council, in the United Nations Conference, how to make a better way of playing the role of peacekeeping police. He said that the role of the United Nations peacekeeping police in the United Nations peace operation is increasingly prominent, and the status of the United Nations peaceful safety structure is increasingly important.

At present, the international security situation is more complicated, and the security threat is more diverse, and the United Nations must better play the role of peacekeeping police.

I have proposed three suggestions: First, grasp your own positioning. The United Nations Secretary-General’s "Action as the peacekeeping" initiative will launch political solution as the primary task.

The peacekeeping action is always in mind this when designing peacekeeping police, and is reflected in actual work. The ultimate goal of peacekeeping police work is to let the local police assume responsibility, not replaced. Second, it is necessary to strengthen capacity building. The United Nations Secretariat, the country, the alarm country, and the funding country must implement the commitment according to the "Declaration of the United Nations Divideration Action", each take responsibility, provide full process training, guarantee sufficient resources, and ensure that each peacekeeping police have implementation tasks. Skills and equipment needed to protect their own safety.

Female peacekeeping police have unique advantages in protecting vulnerable groups, promoting women’s participation, and strengthening community communication.

The peacekeeping operations provide equal opportunities for women in training, hire, promotion, etc., making targeted arrangements for women in the logistics and security fields, and gradually increase the number of female peacekeepsers.

Third, to protect personnel safety.

Like other peacekeepers, the security risks faced by the peacekeeping police have risen sharply in recent years.

China called for comprehensive implementation of resolution 2518 of the Council to enhance the comprehensive security capacity of peacekeepers. Shuang said that China’s peacekeeping police have completed various peacekeeping tasks since the first participation in peacekeeping operations in 2000, set the record of "Nothing violation, no repatriation, no battle casualties". Since 2015, China has also helped the Police State to train thousands of peacekeeping police through the China Diva Police Training Center. China is willing to continue to support, promote, participate in United Nations peacekeeping operations, with all the world’s hobby peace, to maintain international peace and security, and build universal safety world efforts and contributions.