The orangutan is also available? That’s right! The painting "we are not the wild beast" is three orangutans.

Your browser does not support playback of this video, please upgrade to the latest browser. Modern Express News (Reporter Zhang Ran / Wen Jixing / photo) orangutan is also going to book? On November 13th, the 2021 orangutan car in Hongshan Forest Zoo was on the spot. The new book "We are not a wild beast party" unveiled mystery. It is understood that many orangutans in the Hongshan Forest Zoo are painting masters. The whole book is filled with a total of nearly 100 red orangutans, bright colors, abstract strokes, which comes with nature emotional expression.

Simulation orangutan is made of cover, the new book recurrently close to hundred orangutan painted brown fluff long-lasting, touching soft and warm, this is not a red orangutan plush toy, but the new book "We are not a wild beast" cover .

Open the furry book seal, don’t have a hole in the book, a picture of a picture is abstract, bright and bright, make people feel the most original enthusiasm and warmth of life. △ Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo, Shen Zhijun, "We are not a wild beast", from Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo, Shen Zhijun and well-known book designer Zhu Wiko, was published by Phoenix Art Publishing House.

The book is included in Nanjing Magules and the painted paintings and small-laws in the Banglon, a total of nearly 100, and also records the tidbits of their creation.

How does the bragloice painted? Their studio is the behavioral training display area outside the orangutan, and the breeders are their art teachers.

The red orangutan will point to his own favorite color with your fingers, and the breeders apply these pigments on white, and give them a pen, the next is the artistic creation time of the redonee. △ Phoenix Art Publishing House, Wang Linjun released on the spot, Wang Linjun, deputy editor-editor of Phoenix Art Publishing House, laughed, this is the first time the publishing house is 3 orangutans, I don’t know if this new book will not cause the zoo. The imitation of other animals, and the Hongshan Zoo can be turned into Hongshan Painting Court. Zhu Yugong also revealed on the spot, "We are not a wild beast" is just the first book in cooperation with Hongshan Forest Zoo. There are two books, one is a bear, and there is a kind of breeder and The story between animals.

△ Who said the orangutan can’t be an artist? Each red orangutan has its own painting style at the event site, and a small orangutan painting show, attracting many citizens who are curiously onlookers.

Amazing! It’s so good! Many people can’t help but admire. In fact, you can appreciate it carefully and will find that every red orangutan has its own painting style, very good. Zhu Yinger introduced the road, Le Shen’s painting has a cloud of light and light, sprinkled, small black, a thin thinkler, its painting pen is calm, the small ruling painting is moving, and the color is bright.

Waiting for the book officially published, we will also have an exhibition in the art gallery.

It is understood that in October 2018, the orangutan music in the garden began its artistic creation and became the first orangutan in China. Starting in 2019, the red orangutan is black, and the minister also begins to learn to paint. The painting is not the nature of the orangutan, which is not painted in the wild. But in the zoo, we will not only give them a chance to climb trees like they are in the wild, picking fruits, do nests, but also create all opportunities, let these high IQ animals are looking for fun in life.

Shen Zhijun said. Is the red orangutan painted by art? Is it worth having a book for them? We need to take different points to pay attention to this topic, it is best to walk into the zoo, come and see the red orangutan cute look, look at the feelings when they draw.

Zhu Yugo said that we gave a red orangutan painted in human paintings, and even people think that the red orangutan is better. People will worry about others’ evaluation, but the red orangutan will not care, they don’t consider fame and fortune, so they are more compatible, and they are also closer to the essence of art.

Ai Aquat, Jami, the oranglan A wonderful garden meeting. The red orangutan is the largest ambient primary animal on the earth, and the% of the genes and our human beings are very important forest guardians in the rainforest ecosystem. At the event, many citizens have made sustainable palm oil under the guidance of the staff, and there is no palm oil handmade soap, understand the status of the orangutan wild habitat and the current status of the wild orangutan, while the cute orangutan is pinched, intuitively understand the orangutan profile Unique.

There are also many children on-site production of love scarlets, according to the amount of food and nutrients you eat every day, for them, for them. Delicious meals. By making a hand-made, the children learned about the health of the animals to harm the health of the animals.

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