The 24-year-old firefighter sacrificed the family of 200,000 yuan for the family members

The picture shows the bid ceremony of the comrades of Chen Jianjun. The people in the Mongcheng City of Anhui Province spontaneously send the information. On the afternoon of November 16th, the Zhonghua Xiang Yong is the founder of the Foundation of the Foundation, Comrade Yu Xinmin, went to Huainan City, Anhui Province. Huizhan Road, Huzhou City, the fire rescue station, Huishan Road, Fire Fighting Marty, Huang Jianjun, Hui Marty, Chen Jianjun. Emergency Management Department Fire and Rescue Bureau, Anhui Provincial Party Political Legal Committee and other provinces, municipal, county departments responsible comrades accompanying condolences. In condolences, Comrade Yu Xinmin and the family members of the martyrs, carefully asked them to live, work.

On behalf of the Chinese, the foundation of China, gave Comrade Chen Jianjun asked the spirit and praise, expressed condolences and gratitude to the family of Chen Jianjun, and sent 200,000 yuan for condolences. Comrade Yu Xinmin pointed out when condolences, Comrade Chen Jianjun in front of the test of life, regardless of personal safety, stringing the feat and admiring, reflecting the spiritual core of the new era, and should vigorously promote.

He also pointed out that in the peaceful age of fire, the warman dared to stand up in the critical moment, the injured and disabled, and the blood was sacrificed. They were real heroes. Their behavior both fully embodied the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and socialism The important content of spiritual civilization construction is worth promoting and learning. Chen Jianjun martyrs deeds at 10:14 am on November 12, there is a woman in the fourth floor of the old farm market in the Mongolian County Trade City Basketball Court, and the fire rescue station of Qishan Road, Mengcheng County is ordered to rescue. Comrade Chen Jianjun took the initiative to ask Rescue on-site rescue.

At 11:04, the generous woman was very excited. He did not respond to fire rescue personnel and public security police. Subsequently jumped with the building, Chen Jianjun did not care about the individual safety, quickly implement emergency rescue, and grab the woman in the process of rescue. Falling together, unfortunately, heroic and wounded, and the rescue is invalid to sacrifice.

  On November 15th, Comrade Chen Jianjun, the fire rescue station Chen Jianjun, the fire rescue station, Qishan Road, the fire rescue station, Qishan Road, the fire rescue station, Qi Mountain Road, the fire rescue station, the Shengzhou City, Anhui Province, which was sacrificed in the rescue.