Yunnan Bank of China: Helps the Development of Yunnan Environmental Protection Industry with Pu Hui Power

"Thanks to China Bank’s 9 million yuan loans in the short term, we used to expand laboratory and purchase environmental monitoring equipment to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

"Recently, the relevant person in charge of Kunming A Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. said that the Bank of China Yunnan Branch (Bank of China) will help Yunnan Environmental Protection Enterprises in Yunnan. In recent years, Yunnan Province has strive to become a strategic positioning of national ecological civilization construction. Adhere to the integration of ecological environmental protection into all aspects and the whole process of economy, political, cultural, and social construction. All departments in all regions of the province have implemented an in-deployment of an atmosphere, water, soil pollution prevention and control action plan, and focus on ecosystem protection and repair projects.

As a national bank in China, China Bank of Yunnan actively responds to policies, and in-depth mines the financing needs of environmental protection related companies, providing credit, supports its business development. Kunming A Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is the earliest of the earliest environmental protection technology company in the province, and the earliest third-party environmental testing company.

The business is mainly based on environmental testing, but the total detection capacity is not strong, the detection equipment has been seriously aging in 2003, the detection efficiency is low, and many national standards and market requirements are highly charged or heavy metal projects cannot be connected. Single, you can only do some routine testing projects, testing technology and testing ability can not meet the needs of detection and development in today’s environmental protection industry, leading to weak growth in its business market.

Yunnan Bank of China learned that the company learned the company in the expansion laboratory and needs to purchase environmental monitoring equipment. Solved the urgent need of enterprises.

It is reported that in the future, Yunnan Bank will continue to put green credit as the focus of work, focus on key areas, and continue to promote the "flowering results" of the green credit business, and help Yunnan environmental protection industry. (Chen Xuanbing) (Editor-in: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.