The central bank and other eight departments issued a document to regulate development of supply chain finance

Securities Times reporter Sun Hao September 22, the central bank will introduce the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Commerce, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Assembly, Market Supervision, the Bank of China. Opinions, from accurately grasping the connotation and development direction of supply chain finance, steadily promote supply chain financial standardization development and innovation, strengthen supply chain financial supporting infrastructure construction, improve supply chain financial policy support system, prevent supply chain financial risks, strict Twenty aspects of regulatory constraints such as supply chain have proposed 23 policy requirements and measures. "Opinions" propose to enhance the standardization and transparency of the accounts receivable, standardize the eight major development goals in the development of supply chain inventory, warehouse orders and order financing. Clarify financial institutions should effectively apply scientific and technological means to improve risk control levels, and implement information interconnection with core enterprises and warehousing, logistics, transportation, etc., timely verification, storage, warehouse list, and order authenticity and effectiveness.

False transactions and duplicate financing are the main risk types in the supply chain financial sector. "Opinions" once again emphasized that financial institutions such as banks should strictly trader the authenticity review of supply chain, be alert to vanity, fictional accounts, inventory, and repeated mortgage. Asset securitization, asset management products, underwriters and asset managers who should receive accounts as underlying assets should earnestly fulfill their due diligence and necessary wind control procedures, strengthen the requirements for information disclosure and investors.

In addition to the requirements of financial institutions to strengthen risk prevention and control, "Opinions" clearly strengthens the supervision of supply chain financial business. Carrying out supply chain financial services should strictly abide by national macroeconomic regulation and industrial policies and shall not avoid national macroeconomic requirements.

All kinds of massagers, small loan companies, and finance companies carry out supply chain financial business, should strictly abide by the business scope, strengthen management of business compliance and risk, and have no listing or exceeding the business scope of the license. business.

All kinds of third-party supply chain platforms may not change financial business in the name of supply chain finance, and may not charge the service costs that the quality of the quality of the price of the supply chain finance.

Promote the norm development of supply chain finance, inseparable from the construction and policy support of the corresponding infrastructure, this is also a highlight of "Opinions".

"Opinions" proposes to improve the supply chain ticket function, and promote the construction of two major supporting infrastructure construction, and establish a credit constraint mechanism to improve the supply chain financial policy from two aspects of optimizing supply chain financing supervision and review rules. Support system. For example, the "Opinions" proposed, establish a unified animal and rights guarantee registration publicity system, and gradually realize the market entity to register on a platform on a platform. Strengthening the digitalization and elemental standardization construction of unified animal and rights guarantee registration system, supporting financial institutions to apply for inquiry and registration through interface methods, and improve registration publicity processing efficiency. "Opinions" also revealed that it will accelerate the implementation of commercial draft information disclosure system, strengthen marketization constraint mechanism.

On the one hand, establishing a commercial acceptance and bond cross information disclosure mechanism, at the disclosure of bond issuance and commercial acceptance bills, at the same time, it should also disclose the overdue information of the bond default information and commercial acceptance bills, and strengthen credit risk prevention and control.

On the other hand, the supply chain large-scale enterprise shall be included in the enterprise annual report in accordance with the "Guaranteed SME Payment Regulations", and will be included in the annual annual report of the number, amount of the small and medium-sized enterprise payment, and the national corporate credit information publicity system is publicized. . (Source: Securities Times).