Yancheng Dafeng strictly implemented to Feng vehicles, the car must check, everyone will check

Original title: Strictly strictly put the traffickeeping of the epidemic definition, in the past few days, according to the provincial epidemic prevention and control work leading group constructs "cutting off the Huan Ning Yiang, Keeping the Strip Susk, Whiping Directive" to check the requirements for prevention and control network , Fully increase traffic prevention and control efforts, and prevent the epidemic input. At 18 o’clock on July 27th, the traffic, public security department of the public security department and the volunteers of all units were formulated. In the four highway exports in the whole district, the inspection point was set up, nucleic acid detection of the driving passenger passengers from Ningbai The negative proven report, health code and trip code, strengthen the exhaust management of the entry and exit vehicles and personnel, further extends the joint defense "tentacles", and effectively protect the health and life safety of the people of the people in the district.

  At 3 o’clock on July 30, the reporter came to the G15 Dafeng export inspection point.

In the broadcast broadcast of "Driving Personnel, please take the initiative to show a health code, the trip code", the "pass" vehicle is actively cooperated, and the leadership of the long team, and the work is inserted in an orderly manner.

  "I didn’t know how to do nucleic acid testing, but why can’t I live green?" "The trip code shows that you have recently arrived in Nanjing, which belongs to the station.

For the prevention and control requirements, the high-risk area to Feng vehicles must provide a negative certificate within 48 hours. It is recommended that you turn away from the head. "On the scene, a traffic police is communicating with the owner, actively advised to return to Ning vehicles without nucleic acid testing. For each inspection lane, the inspection personnel strictly implemented the violent vehicles, the people must check, the person must check the license. For the vehicle of Su A. Boots by a checkpoint, ask and register, record the specific information of the license plate number and passengers, doing the source, knowing, and is specially marked by Nanjing since July 10; One handheld temperature meter is tested one by one by one by one by one, and "two yards report".

After the check is completed, for the deposit of the vehicle, it is possible to provide a 25-hour nucleic acid detection negative proven report and the health code is a green code, put it; not to provide effective nucleic acid detection negative proof or health code is a yellow code Return; the health code is red code, and the groundwell health committee implements centralized isolation of medical observations in accordance with the provisions.

In order to facilitate the passengers scan code, all inspector is hanging on the chest. For some unfamiliar driving driving passengers, inspector people are patiently guided. The reporter learned that in order to complete the inspection work in order and efficiently, the Working Group conducted a scientific and reasonable arrangement, and three classes were implemented in the 24-hour requirements. Two shifts were set up for 7: 00-18: 30 hours, and for the 18th: 00-7: 00 period for the traffic volume of 18: 00-7: 00, as of 23:30, it was in the middle of the night. All the evening workers are all duty, and the second half of the night lane flow pressure is small, then a lane is turned off, and the worker is divided into two sets of rotation to ensure a good statement.

  "From 18:00 to July 30th to 18, the total flow of 5 high-speed exports in our district has reached 17,420, including 5,351 in the foreign license, 7918 people." Zone traffic police Han Hui, the staff of the brigade command center, said that due to the failure to provide an effective nucleic acid certificate, 229 vehicles from the high-risk areas have been persuade 340 people.

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