[I] ambassador in China "is willing to offer the first vaccine to El Salvador is the Chinese"

"Volcanic countries" Salvador is located in northern China, beautiful, pleasant climate, and high-quality products such as coffee and sucrose.

On August 21, 2018, China was officially established with Salvador, and Salvado became China’s 178th National Development. "El Salvador is China’s new friends.

More than three years, I have witnessed the rapid development of bilateral relations.

"El Salvador ambassador Aldo Alvarez told the People’s Daily Overseas Network interview expressed confidence that with joint efforts, embarked on the fast lane of Sa-China relations will be further and further stability, further and further away." and China have a special destiny "in Alvarez view, China has special significance." China is the first stop of my diplomatic career, this is the first time I went to China to China. "Appointed former ambassador to China, Alvarez is a scholar in the field of international law and international relations, he had many students working in El Salvador embassies, consulates.

"After that I served as ambassador to China, they congratulated me from all over the world." Alvarez said proudly. Scholars from behind to Ambassador Alvarez career seemingly unexpected "transition" is the increasingly close relationship between Samoa "inevitable." "I think the Chinese have a special destiny.

My past academic research laid the foundation for the appointed ambassador to China.

"Alvarez said that during the past decade, he has also focused on the development of Asia and China.

When I saw China’s constant opening progress and prosperity, Alvarec had a strong interest in China. "I had a better understanding of Europe, North America and Latin America, but across the Pacific to China, I have only book knowledge in the frame." Alvarez said, "I always think of China, to experience its culture, political ideas and values.

"With the establishment of diplomatic relations and Samoa, Alvarez’s" wish "can be achieved, he said:." I invited him several times received the ambassador of the country, but most Chinese still my heart. Government of El Salvador attaches great importance to developing relations with China. Embassy of El Salvador on behalf of our vision for the future, El Salvador is also concerned about the Eastern world.

"Bilateral" zeroing "in El Salvador to see the world from the East what?" When dealing with other countries, China is willing to cooperate with other countries, without any conditions, non-interference in other’s internal affairs, China is pursuing win-win situation. "Alvarez said.

Taking Chinese vaccine international assistance as an example, when the global vaccine is short, China is willing to share vaccines with friends from all over the world, and carry out technical cooperation.

Earlier this year, Chinese vaccines arrived in Salvador to inject power for Sahas.

"First we would like to offer the vaccine, is China. China has started vaccination vaccine in the national territory SA, received by the community. China is safe and effective vaccine, the people of El Salvador are very satisfied." Alvarez said happily, "El Salvador currently received a variety of vaccines, but most people are Chinese vaccine inoculation. "" people often say ‘zeroing’ in difficult times, only true friends will be my side. "Alvarez said, overall the Americas vaccine shortage, some countries access to vaccines is immune so far, China’s help on the prevention of major regional significance. At present, the Chinese vaccine benefit Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and other Latin American countries, Alvarez said: "China continue to deepen cooperation with developing countries, and actively take responsibility for big countries to show the power play.

"Sino-Sarasian trade has a good momentum." I went to the barriers to increase the responsibility of the relationship between the two countries. This gave me strength. "Sa deepening economic and trade cooperation is one of the priorities Alvarez. 3 years of diplomatic relations, bilateral economic and trade exchanges to maintain a good momentum of development in 2020, bilateral trade reached US $ billion, of which exports to China El Salvador billion US dollars, up growth% sugar, coffee and other products have gradually Sartre color in Chinese market played visibility. in Alvarez’s view, China’s economic transformation and development opportunities in El Salvador.

"Not only is sugar and coffee, we also want to export beef products to China El Salvador.

"Alvarez said," China’s market demand, which will help agricultural development in El Salvador. "" Accelerate "Alvarez is expected to Samoa in relation keyword.

He specifically mentioned the latest developments in the construction of China Assains, National Stadium, etc. "The epidemic has brought certain difficulties to the construction construction, the progress of the project is exposed, but it has not stopped." Alvarez said, "Salvador is full of gratitude and expectations on these projects, hoping to be completed as soon as possible.

"Alvarez is also an invitation to Chinese tourists, who hope that after the epidemic under control, to have more Chinese tourists guest El Salvador," El Salvador has the world’s best surfing beaches, allowing visitors to enjoy ‘early eat seafood sea, afternoon climbing the summit and enjoy the scenery, Wan Su Valley open ‘rich experience. "Alvarez said that tourism is one of the areas of El Salvador willing to work with China to deepen cooperation in tourism after the outbreak can be expected to play a greater role in facilitating communication with the people in Sa (overseas network Zhang six land) Original title:." Most my heart is still China "(when I was ambassador in China) – Interview with El Salvador Ambassador Aldo Alvarez" People’s Daily Overseas Edition "(08 edition November 15, 2021) —— ——————————– recommended reading] Editor: Ms. Wu, Li Mao.