Zhou Enlai Prime Minister inspected the New Conference Memorial

  Premier Zhou Enlai inspected the New Conference Memorial Located in Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, and Exhibition Hall for Premier Zhou in 1958, "New Association Labor University" in September 2001 is open to Jiangmen City PatriotismEducation base.In July 1958, Zhou Enlai gave birth to the new meeting research. He inspected the new meeting labor university, Wuhe Farm, Kwai Art Factory and other units, and the people of all walks of life, listening to their opinions.He is a great concern and support for the scientific experiments carried out by the new meeting cadres and the invention.

  The memorial exhibition is vividly recorded by Premier Zhou’s situation in depth investigation and inspection and inspection and inspection, showing the spirit of the communist spirit of Zhou Zhou’s selfless dedication, seeking truth from facts, with the people’s intimate, and the watermast is blending.

(The information is provided by Huai’an Zhou Enlai Memorial Memorial).