NS2575chapter Trip

Law http://www.meitebangong.cn enforcement。
Victoria has changed color,God dign,Concealed。
“you……Really enforcement!”
Luomei nodded,“Otherwise, what do I do?。”
Side of the mad eyebrows。
He became a hegemonic time is not long.,And the law enforcement itself is secretly,I have not heard of it.。
See him,Victoria briefly explains information about law enforcers。
“Ah,What law enforcement,I have never heard of it.,Nine big hegens,When did I take an enforcement?。”
Lommy did not be angry,Faint,“Law enforcement has always http://www.xmdy222.cn existed,Do not admit that there is no relationship with you。
If you go up,I will kill you.。”
枭 瞳,Follow the corner of the mouth,Strong war suddenly。
Victoria,Signature of him。
She is looking at Luomei,“as far as I know,Law enforcers only maintain the pattern of underground world balance,This is related to our help in the summer?。”
Luomei,“If you die two,The underground world will not be more confusing。
I block you,It is also protecting you.。”
I heard this sentence,Victoria has a complex。
immediately,She hangs the butcher knife,Whisper,“So to say,We came with private identities.,Don’t touch the rules of the underground world。”
“This depends on the other four law enforcers how to understand。”
Lommeli frankly,“If you die,I didn’t stop again.,This is my responsibility.,If you go to the mountain to help http://www.gycxmj.cn the summer,Can,Active from overlord identity。”
Victoria’s silver short hair flies,“Since you are law enforcers,Can make a witness,I am separating the identity of the overlord now.。”
“I am also the same。”
Luomei is helpless,More complex,“You can know that of them,If you appear,It is very likely that it is the beginning of the junction。”
“so what。”
Victoria is active,“If you die in summer,I will make my efforts to revenge for him.,Do you think now let us go up?,Still this situation is a little better.。”
Luomei is silent。
Half half,She sighs,Make a body。
“Thank you。”
Victoria learned Huaxia Guofi Festival,Playing with the madman,Immediately move,Go straight to the top of the mountain。
Looking at the back of the two,Luomei shakes his head。
So-called abandoned overlord identity,But it’s a joke。