“not good,careful!!”

Wantong yells,“The star goddess is very likely to wake up……”Not finished,Bombard。
The ambient building group in front of the front is like an earthquake.,Crafted。
not only that。
Ground of everyone,Also in the tremor,And crackled out a big crack to http://www.wxruilimr.cn spread toward all sides。
Next moment。
A huge figure stands from the ground。
Be right。
That piece of buildings,It seems that it is built on the shoulder of this figure.。
This is a huge Salie, a high foot, 30 meters.。
Its body surface,It is also composed of a wafer,But the spine behind it,There is a huge crystal thiston of 10 cold light。
Every thiston has three feet long,Like a sharp blade of a sharp。
It is covered with a crystal of cold light.,Every piece of crystals have a large size,Far away,Appetite。
It is in a person,There are limb torso,There are also crystal five officials on the head.,But there is a tail with a length of 12 or three meters.,Flashing the glory of the cold,Look。
Sand demon that has been returned,All,The sound of unkrethroughs in the mouth。
And this monster locked the summer and others in the first time.,open mouth,Say a horror。
Important,It,Everyone actually understood。
“Despicable foreign alien,Dare to disturb the God to sleep,Dead!”
Sound falls,Even the air is leaving the sound wave。
Summer and others, although the first time is running Xuan,But still being shocked,Like thunder, I am blown up on the ear.。
Soot,When you are a horizon。
NS3271chapter Desperately
“This is the goddess of the stars?”
Everyone has a tongue,The power of this power is shocking。
I nowadie,Stomach。
The rest of the people have moved。
This huge Salmon is suddenly smashed.,Pumping the tail as a whip。
Found,Air distortion,The heavens around the world http://www.xzznjz.cn seem to come together,Therefore, it is turbulent。
“Rumble”Everyone barely escaped,Huge tail pumping on the ground,The ground is in a dull,Start sinking。
Cracking continues,Like a mountain shake。
Native stone fried,Into countless dust crumble。
Everyone’s faces become white。
No world power,Audible,All,They are definitely the next episode。
Not waiting for stability,Huge Salmon is a big step step on foot。
“Wang Wei,You and take a moment,Other people retired,Small Dong……Our cloth!”
Wantong screams,Quickly avoid flash。