The group thought again,Continue to nod,Then the eyes are staring around the eyes.。

Zhou Si smiling and looking at her:“This is the performance of a person.,Because there is no force,Not hurt,When the group is adult, I will take me from time to time.?”
“The group is very small.。”
“So not pain,I like it.。”
“Oh” The group is still staring at Zhou,Small head work hard to digest this knowledge。
Zhou Zhi and gently smashed her head,Advise:“Good morning sleep early, good health,High,The group of people want to grow into a big monster,I have to get better early.。”
“Early getting early”Repeated group。
“right。”Zhou Zhi’s appearance is like an old father,“And tomorrow, we have to go to tendon.。”
“Take a car”
“correct,Because far away。”
“Take a car”
“Dizzy,Be broken”
The group eyes are slightly bright,Big trip:“The group is not broken this evening.!”
Zhouzhi almost spurted an old blood。
October 1,morning。
Some wet areas outside the community,Sweet osmanthus fragrance in the air,Zhou Zhiji,And 序 standing on the roadside waiting for Nange。
Because the old monster,How many luggage is there?。Zhouzhi only installed a few piece of clothes and toiletries in the bag,After all, he is not very good as it is, it is called back to help him.,By the way, the group also put the group into the bag.,Pull the zipper to let her expose the small head,She also likes to stay in such a small space.。
Not for a while,Cars,Slowly stop on the roadside。
“Do you want to have breakfast??”Zhou Zhiyan。
“Do not eat!I have brought you breakfast.。”Nan Ge is striving for them,“boarding,Eat on the car,Block traffic on the road is a bit powerful,I look at the map, many roads are red.,Let’s fight for the sky。”
Zhouzhi is somewhat strange,Usually Nan Ge is here,It is definitely going to eat the bridge rice line of the intersection.,Mean,I am actually not intended today.?
But he didn’t say anything.,Just ok,Pull the door to take the car。
“steamed stuffed bun”
The sound of the back row,One degree makes Zhou thought that the little cousin is also in the car。
Twist,I saw a big plastic bag in the 槐 序,It is full of dangling buns,It seems that people who have enough people in a dormant diet。
“Do you eat buns??”Zhouzhi is a little unexpected,When Nan Ge is eating, when will I eat??
“My bag!”
Zhou Zhijing detailed view of the bun,Selling, there is a little bit more than a special bun shop.,But it’s also very good.。
“When are you??How to steam?”
“Yesterday morning, I had a morning in the bedroom.。”Nan Ge said while driving,“Steamed aunts,Then I hot this morning.,The rice cooker in my bedroom is too small.。”